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Dobot® is the free, easy-to-use savings app that helps you save for the things that matter most. Create your Dobot account in a few minutes and start saving right away. Finally a simple way to stick to your budget, receive money advice, reach your savings goals, and feel financially confident. Go ahead, start planning for that dream house, new car or the vacation you've always wanted to take!


Dobot (dough - bot). Powered by Fifth Third Bank. Because some things are worth saving for.

Whether you're saving for a vacation, planning a wedding, building an emergency fund or boosting retirement savings, your Dobot savings goals will keep you focused.

Dobot identifies safe savings amounts, and automatically moves small amounts of money every few days from your checking account to your Dobot savings. You can add or withdraw money whenever you want.

Dobot encourages you along the way with savings tips, which make saving fun and motivating! Feel confident knowing that you’ll reach your goals.

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* Dobot is secured with 256-bit encryption, bank-level security.
* All funds held within Dobot are FDIC insured.


* that everyone has the right to financial health, not just those with great wealth
* that saving money doesn't have to be difficult
* that a small action is better than no action
* that there are easy steps you can take now to make big improvements in your financial health.


Q: Is Dobot really free?
A: Yes, Dobot is a free financial app.

Q: Is Dobot safe?
A: Yes, Dobot helps make finances fun, but takes security very seriously. Dobot uses bank-level security to secure your account. All funds in your Dobot account are FDIC insured.

Q: Will Dobot ever overdraft my checking account?
A: Dobot's algorithm is designed to avoid savings if your balance is too low. If our automatic savings ever causes an overdraft, we'll cover the fees, so you can rest easy and watch your savings grow.

Q: Can I turn off automatic savings?
A: Yes, you are always in control of your money. Dobot will still give you personalized savings tips to help you save more money and reach your goals.

*Dobot is proudly powered by Fifth Third Bank, National Association*

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Version History

Launched Dec 07, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 19 days, on average.

May 17
Version 1.4.1

This release provides more great additions to the customer profile and the recommendations screens. Check it out, and take another step towards improving your financial health!

May 03
Version 1.4.0

Dobot aims to be a trusted adviser, helping our users reach their goals. This release provides a series of questions that, when answered, will allow us to:
* Customize financial advice
* Suggest goals to consider
* Recommend features & functionality to improve the Dobot experience

Mar 22
Version 1.3.8

Thank you for saving with Dobot! This quick update address an issue experienced on phones running an older version of Android. Once you update, Dobot will be good as new. Save on!

Mar 15
Version 1.3.7

Another step forward for Dobot! This update improves the activity screen, consolidating transactions by month and displaying withdrawal reasons. In addition, we’ve updated identity verification, and provided links to @thedobotapp social media accounts. Come follow us!

Feb 23
Version 1.3.6

We love our Dobot savers! This update insures consistency when displaying dollar amounts throughout the app, provides clarity regarding timing of money transfers, and cleans up a few small bugs.

Feb 05
Version 1.3.4

Thanks for saving with Dobot! This update allows more users to Save Together towards a common goal. Save on!

Jan 26
Version 1.3.3

Dobot is here to help you reach your goals! This update clarifies the process of inviting people to save, includes copy updates, and cleans up a bug or two. You’ll love saving money with Dobot!

Jan 13
Version 1.3.2

It’s 2020, and Dobot’s working hard to help make this the year for improving your financial health! This update provides helpful information about saving together to reach goals, and addresses some layout inconsistencies on a few screens. Save on

Dec 15
Version 1.3.0

Is there anything better than saving money for the things you care about? No. But this update might be close, because now you can save money WITH the people you care about! With Save Together, you can watch the group’s progress and offer encouragement while you hold each other accountable. Planning a trip with friends? Everybody pitching in for a group gift? Now you can accomplish goals together. Saving money has never been so much fun!

Nov 03
Version 1.2.6

Dobot is about communicating clearly (no financial jargon!). This update is designed with the same principles in mind. We’ve added a banner to the experience, so that our users will know if they need to take action related to linking their bank. Get your save on!

Oct 20
Version 1.2.5

Thanks for saving with Dobot! This is a quick update to address a few bugs and include some functionality to enable our awesome testing team to be more efficient.

Oct 02
Version 1.2.4

Thanks for allowing Dobot to help you reach your goals! This quick update ensures that the currency displayed is accurate, helps you more easily identify your connected account, and improves the default values when moving money into goals. Save on!

Sep 17
Version 1.2.3

Let’s celebrate! To make sure you’re having fun while saving, we’ve added celebrations to your experience when you hit savings milestones. Thanks for saving with Dobot!

Sep 02
Version 1.2.2

Thanks for saving with Dobot! This is just a quick release that enables our users to more efficiently get where they need to go in the app. Enjoy!

Aug 21
Version 1.2.1

Dobot gets better! This release introduces two exciting new features. You can now set the weekly maximum that Dobot Smart Savings will save for you, and establish the amount your balance must have before Dobot will make automatic savings transfers. Save on!

Aug 14
Version 1.2.0

Dobot takes a big step forward! To help you reach your goals, this update enables you to set your own savings schedule. Just tell us how much, and how often, you want to save and we’ll take care of it for you. You’ll also notice improvements to the account screen. Save on!

Jun 26
Version 1.1.2

Just like Dobot makes saving money easy, we’ve taken a step to make the app more intuitive for you. This update enables you to move money seamlessly, and efficiently, from a single screen. Enjoy!

Jun 05
Version 1.1.1

Thanks for saving with Dobot! This update focuses on identity verification for newly created customer accounts.

May 27
Version 1.1.0

A fun update for Dobot savers! Now you can see your savings by viewing the savings “dots” within each goal. Not only that, you can customize the colors of the dots and the progress bar for each goal. Just another way that Dobot makes saving fun. Save on!

May 13
Version 1.0.9

You spoke, and we listened. This update provides a series of screens designed to clarify how savings works at Dobot. It also includes the ability to withdraw your savings directly from a goal. Thanks for saving with Dobot!

Apr 30
Version 1.0.8

Thanks for saving with Dobot! With this release, thousands of additional financial institutions are able to connect with Dobot. We can’t wait to help more people reach their goals. While we were at it, we also made a few usability and performance improvements. Save on!

Apr 14
Version 1.0.7

Dobot takes another step forward! In addition to our typical performance updates, this update includes usability improvements designed to:
- Highlight the savings required each week to achieve your goals
- Streamline the process for reconnecting a bank
Thank you for choosing Dobot to help you save for the things you care about!

Mar 26
Version 1.0.6

Thanks for saving with Dobot! We appreciate all the feedback on our recent relaunch. This upgrade mostly impacts the underlying technology that powers the Dobot app. Our developers tell me it’s a big improvement, but it’s all techy stuff so I won’t bore you with the details here. Save on!

Feb 20
Version 1.0.5

Thanks for saving with Dobot! We appreciate all the feedback on our recent relaunch. This upgrade mostly impacts the underlying technology that powers the Dobot app. Our developers tell me it’s a big improvement, but it’s all techy stuff so I won’t bore you with the details here. Save on!

Feb 06
Version 1.0.4

A few small fixes in this release to make Dobot better.

Jan 23
Version 1.0.3

Fix an issue where Dobot might crash when authenticating with a fingerprint. Oops.

Jan 13
Version 1.0.2

This release fixes some minor issues you may have encountered. Thank you for using Dobot!

Dec 16
Version 1.0.1

Thanks for saving with Dobot! This is a quick update to make the app run faster and more efficient.

Dec 06
Version 1.0.0

Dobot! The robot for your dough!

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