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Singer Game!★ Do you like singing? And you can, too? This application will tell! Stage of your voice or is it just for the bathroom?
It only tells you the song of your voice! Praise your voice? Or dare not sing here? Yet it might be!
Now the your phone is your personal Judges, download and try it!

Get Achievements and get lot of fans, you have the most fans in the world! The number of fans send to the worldwide leaderboard! With your Google account!
Do not just sing for the audience and the judges! Sing without music and listen to how you sing!

Prove your talent to the judge and the fans!
You have three choices:
★ Singing without music, your voice is simply based on
★ Singing your music, so the music and the program also monitors your voice!
★ Singing with downloadable instrumental music!

-- Tablet Support! --

After singing may ask you to autograph! :) Sounds like a karaoke, but it is not! Try it if you dare!

Follow Personal Voice Judge:
Web: http://fatelyapps.weebly.com
on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pvjandroid
on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FatelyAndroid

Do not hesitate to find out how your voice, and compete to win the enthusiasm of the audience!
This is not karaoke, it's a game!

The program was inspired by the good old talent shows, so the feeling of trying to give a little, of course, the app is not to be taken seriously, just a little joke! :)

/ Achivements, Leaderboard and Real-Time Play support with Google Play Game Service. /

music, karaoke, judge, fun, youtube, star, funny

The Personal Voice Judge (App) does not store the personal information of the users, the App has access to the Google Game Service which is operated by Google's servers, no access to this app can be terminated at any time by the user, Game Service requires access to the services of the game, for a better gaming experience. Access to these features is optional. The App does not store the location definition, no user data or other device information is stored. The App uses statistical integration with the Google Firebase system, while the Firebase Terms of Use are still true, in this case, the App is also subject to these terms of use. The App contains advertisements.

Google Play Store Category:

Primary: Games

Secondary: Music

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Version History

Launched May 06, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Nov 19
Version 2.81.180430

Fix bugs: en-US

Apr 02
Version 2.81.180402

Mar 14
Version 2.81.180315

Feb 07
Version 2.80.171228

- Bug fixes
- New cheaper Premium
- Very fewer ads

Dec 17
Version 2.80.171218

- Bug fixes
- New cheaper Premium
- Very fewer ads

Feb 11
Version 2.75.170212

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
- new Youtube songs
- get more fans!
- Some Bugs fixed

Feb 09
Version 2.75.170210

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# Some Bugs fixed

Feb 08
Version 2.75.170209

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# Some Bugs fixed

Jan 31
Version 2.75.170131

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# NEW youtube songs
# Some Bugs fixed

Jan 25
Version 2.75.170125

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# NEW youtube songs
# Some Bugs fixed

Jan 24
Version 2.75.170124

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# Less ads
# Some Bugs fixed

Jan 22
Version 2.75.170122

Personal Voice Judge 2.75 version:
# Less ads
# Some Bugs fixed

Jul 04
Version 2.70/140705

Personal Voice Judge 2.70 version:
# New launcher icon and Main
# Less ads
# Some Bugs fixed
Previous versions:
# New: You can purchase premium version in App!
# In premium version:
- Remove ads!
- Change Theme! (Pink,Red,Green)
- More judges and fans
- More magazine theme
# Renewed desing
# NEW! Multiplayer Sing! Try it! (Beta version)
# Tablet screens fix.
# NEW! Youtube Quest: Sing to random youtube song! Try it!
# Some Bugs fixed

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