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EMNet findERnow app is the fastest, most reliable emergency room (ER) finder on the app market today. The findERnow app will locate the closest ER with just one click by using the most comprehensive national database available.

EMNet findERnow uses the Android’s GPS to quickly locate ERs anywhere in the U.S. You can select the closest ER or another nearby ER in a map or list format and can locate the closest ERs by driving time or by distance. Once you select an ER, you have 1-click access to directions to the ER and additional information about annual ER visit volume and whether the hospital has a verified adult trauma or adult burn center. You also have the ability to search online for more information about the ER.

You can also quickly see if ERs are more likely to be prepared to provide emergency care for children, as these ERs are marked with a dark blue baby icon. For 99 cents, you can choose to upgrade to the full Pediatric Version to quickly access information about the % of annual visits from children, if the hospital has a verified pediatric trauma or pediatric burn center, if the ER has a separate pediatric area, and if the ER has pediatric emergency care coordinators.

EMNet findERnow is ideal for travelers, especially those suffering with chronic medical conditions, or those traveling with friends or relatives with health problems. Whether you are traveling or close to home, find the nearest ER quickly with EMNet findERnow!

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Version History

Launched Jan 06, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 09
Version 1.3.0

Updated with the latest ER locations and ER information.

findERnow now locates the closest ERs based on driving time, including traffic. There is still an option to sort the closest ERs by distance as well.

Apr 12
Version 1.2.0

Updated with the latest ER locations and ER information

Mar 26
Version 1.1.0

Updated with the latest ER locations.

findERnow includes newly added information about annual ER visit volumes, adult trauma and burn centers, and information about which ERs are more likely prepared to care for children.

Upgrade to the new Pediatric Version for information about % of ER visits by children, pediatric trauma and burn centers, separate pediatric areas in ERs, and pediatric coordinators.

Aug 01
Version 1.0.2

Application update, new ERs

Feb 25
Version 1.0.1

Feb 23
Version 1.0.0

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