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Now available as a native Android app!

Resuscitation! is the award-winning virtual patient simulator that makes learning medicine addictive! Resuscitation gives you a case presentation of a patient who is ill, and you play the role of the health care provider. You are in control and can take a history, perform a physical exam, develop a differential diagnosis and administer therapy to treat the patient’s underlying problem. You can place the patient on a monitor, start IV’s, perform procedures, administer medications, obtain radiology studies, EKGs, and a LOT more.

Resuscitation! is a very technical medical simulator and is designed mainly for health students and professionals who are interested in learning patient care. It is used by medical schools and residencies across the Unites States and has won multiple innovation awards. Resuscitation! has been played over 2 million times by tens of thousands of engaged learners.

Resuscitation! may be too advanced for you if you have no medical or clinical experience. There are free cases; if you enjoy the free cases, there are many additional cases that you can purchase.

Topics include emergency medicine, EMS/Paramedic, emergency neurology, gynecology clinic, labor and delivery and pediatrics for UK and Europe users! Your support is appreciated and will allow us to continue making fun and educational cases.

-2013 Harvard Graduate School of Education EduScramble Winner
-2013 and 2014 IMSH Serious Games Runner-up Emerging Company

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Launched Feb 12, 2015 (almost 5 years ago).
Feb 12
Version 2.0