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Who can be expected to remember all the potential symptoms of the thousands of diseases that exist? It is equally impossible to memorize the utility of the tests designed to diagnose these diseases.

Let this app help you keep all that information on hand, at the bedside:

- Forgot what the symptoms of hypomagnesemia are? Find them with a few taps.
- Create a differential diagnosis from a list of hundreds of symptoms on the fly.
- View the diagnostic accuracies of hundreds of tests quickly and easily, so you never order a useless test again.

The app withholds most features until a subscription is purchased.

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Version History

Launched Jun 09, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 03
Version 2.08

- a few more disease incidences
- bug fixes

Oct 11
Version 2.07

- bug fixes
- interface improvements
- more disease incidences added
- added test accuracies of hematuria for bladder cancer
- added "emergent condition" flag to all immediately life or limb threatening diseases

Sep 29
Version 2.06

- many more disease incidences added
- bug fixes

Sep 05
Version 2.05

- fixed bug where app would crash when displaying certain diseases in DDx and Symptoms sections

Aug 31
Version 2.04

- bug fixes
- added age and sex incidence data for some diseases

Aug 18
Version 2.03

- more diseases and test accuracies
- improved DDx algorithm; now only shows those solutions with the fewest complicating diseases
- added diseases incidences for about 1/3 of all diseases and DDx can now be sorted by incidence (currently only shows total population incidence; age and sex values to be added in next release)
- bug fixes

Apr 28
Version 2.02

- bug fixes
- interface improvements
- added advanced DDx options
- many more diseases, now over 1,700 in all!
- added a few new tests

Mar 06
Version 2.01

- added yearly subscription option
- added a few more diseases
- improved DDx algorithm: complicating diseases now excluded if don't match sex or acuity criteria
- slight interface improvements

Feb 02
Version 2.0

- improved symptom information pop-up
- many, many more diseases, now more than 1,600 in all

Jan 05
Version 1.8

- fixed bug in DDx feature that caused loading times for complicating diseases to be exceptionally long
- over two dozen more diseases added
- interface improvements

Dec 08
Version 1.7

- added 100 diseases, now over 1,500 in all
- added ability to search grouped symptoms, such as pancytopenia

Oct 30
Version 1.6

- dozens of more diseases, now over 1,400 in all!
- added symptom detail button
- bug fixes

Oct 06
Version 1.5

- many, many more diseases... now over 1,300 in all!
- bug fixes

Sep 01
Version 1.4

- critical bug fix

Aug 30
Version 1.3

- Over 200 new diseases
- New LRs for suicide prediction along with Suicide Intent Scale calculator

Jul 22
Version 1.2

- dozens of more diseases, now over 1,000 entries!

Jun 11
Version 1.1

- bug fixes
- improved symptom search

Jun 09
Version 1.0

First version.

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