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Caustic Content Pack -- Caustic 3.2 required for full stereo support for these presets.

Caustic 3.2 now supports full stereo WAV sampling and streaming, and PocketKit Project now introduces the first full stereo content pack add-on for Caustic 3.2

Introducing Duo Kits for PocketKit Platinum for PCMSynth kits! Here's how it works:

I have split the acoustic drum kits for PCMSynth down into two sections -- "FH" Floor Heads (kicks, snares, toms, hats) and "OH" OverHeads (Crashes, Splashes, Chokes, Rides, Cups etc...)

By splitting this into two sections across two PCMSynth Machines opens more control over these sections of our drum kits, as well as increase our polyphony for each section, to avoid sudden dropouts of sound when doing a busy run or very active drumline track.

Also included is a nice handful of BeatBox kits covering a wide variety of electronic and hip hop or dubstep style kits and sounds.

All of these kits run full stereo and I have included my SBT methods (sonic balance techniques) EQ and compression methods to match Caustic's stock synth machines' overall tone characteristics, all without the need of mixer desk EQ or layered effects, which will free up CPU resources on your device in a very efficient way to allow for more resources to allocate elsewhere to beef up your tracks, even on lower-powered phones or tablets.

My acoustic kits mimic a nice live studio room feel off of a modified X/Y mic'ing setup, yielding a pleasant stereo field presence, without harsh phasing and panning of various drums and crashes as commonly found with A/B or L/R overhead mic setups and heavy console panning of individual drum head or hat mics.

Multi-layered kicks, snares, toms, hats, and crashes enhance your drumming experience in a more natural way, making PocketKit Project the only truly expressive, yet simply effective, on the mobile music workstation platform, as previously demonstrated with my PocketKit Pro series.

I plan to use these kits, myself, for some music projects I have coming up soon; but I wanted to share this project with you, wether you want studio-ready style drums for a live band performance or recording, or some thick and rich electronic drum kits that you won't hear in this way, anywhere else.

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Caustic 3.2 Update is required for PocketKit Platinum to properly function in Caustic.

Caustic Content Pack

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Launched Jun 29, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
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