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Know your limits!

Knowing your limitations is an important part of flying, and can often be unnecessarily complicated. This app takes the hard work out of this task, and allows you to focus on doing what you do best, flying the aeroplane! Just enter the details of your duty and let the app take care of the rest.

- Enter your consecutive report times to find out whether you are 'acclimatised'

- Find out your maximum duty length and latest on-blocks time for your report

- Performs complex FDP calculations involving in-flight rest and split duties

- Look up definitions for commonly used terms

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Version History

Launched Nov 20, 2017 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jan 04
Version 2.1.6

We've fixed an issue where local times instead of UTC times were being used to calculate acclimatisation and an issue where some navigation features were broken.

Dec 29
Version 2.1.5

We've fixed an issue where local times instead of UTC times were being used to calculate acclimatisation.

Oct 08
Version 2.1.4

Just a few bug fixes and updates.

May 14
Version 2.1.3

Fixed bug causing app to crash on startup.

Improved privacy settings.

May 02
Version 2.1.2

We've made a small update to the privacy settings.

Dec 04
Version 2.1.1

No new features but we've made a few changes in the background.

Nov 20
Version 2.1.0

This is our first release on Android, we hope you like it!

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