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On DROPOUT, stream exclusive shows, watch every new CollegeHumor, Dorkly and Drawfee video first, and binge the library of classic sketches.

-New original series like Dimension 20, Total Forgiveness, and What The F 101, along with the return of CH classics like Precious Plum and Jake and Amir, bigger and better than ever.
-Expanded, weekly versions of CH fan favorites like Um Actually, Cartoon Hell from the Drawfee crew, and new series straight from the brains of our cast members including Brennan Lee Mulligan, Katie Marovitch and Mike Trapp.
-Watch CollegeHumor, Dorkly and Drawfee videos and podcasts a week before they hit YouTube!
-The definitive way to browse our extensive library of the CH video content you know and love.

But hey, big blocks of text are pretty boring. Instead, how about just trying DROPOUT for a week totally free? Download the app and sign up for a trial of 7 free-as-heck days to watch everything your eyes can handle. Cancel anytime in the 7 day trial and never be charge!

Don’t like it? I mean, we’re deeply hurt, but we understand. Cancel your membership, throw your phone in a lake, however you cope with disappointment. DO like it? Just kick back and keep watching, and your first month will automatically begin at the end of the free trial. Semi-annual and annual plans are also available at a discount, if you’re a money whiz. So go ahead and give it a try!

This text isn’t gonna get any more interesting. I mean, I think we’ve pretty much covered all the good stuff. Still here? Um, ok. How’s everything? Good? Cool, cool. What are you looking for? The app description is over. For real. We’re not gonna say any more stuff. Check out the free trial. It’s way better than hanging out in the Play Store this long.

Wow, you’re dedicated. Do you just love app descriptions? Weird. OK, we’re gonna go. Bye.

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Version History

Launched Mar 18, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Jan 30
Version 5.303.1

Performance enhancements and stability improvements

Dec 10
Version 5.302.1

Improvements to video playback for users on certain devices connected via VPN
Stability improvements

Nov 19
Version 5.301.1

Implements start over/resume buttons on video detail screens
Improvements to My List
Improvements to performance and viewership analytics
UX improvements and bug fixes

Oct 30
Version 5.201.1

Branding updates

Aug 22
Version 5.102.1

- Updated player controls
- UX enhancements and stability improvements
- Improved contact form
- Implements voice search

May 12
Version 4.940.1

Added ability to add collections to My List from the collection detail page.
Improved offline download manager.
Fixed an issue with capitalization and symbols in email addresses causing sign in issues.
Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Mar 26
Version 4.902.1

Performance enhancements and stability improvements

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