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There is something in all of us that responds involuntarily to different stressors and the complexity of life which is suggested be the fundamental problem of all mental illnesses. It grows and thrives as a consequence, goes beyond tolerance, making our lives miserable. Lives are complicated and we cannot stay on top of our problems all the time. People are just being hammered in many ways and that lead to their collapse in the direction of their genetic susceptibility and biological weakness.

The CBT app is developed as a tool for introspection and will provide you with evidence-based information about emotional problems and mental disorders. It will teach you cognitive behavioural therapy and other self-help methods, and techniques, specifically designed to help with overcoming depression, generalized anxiety and worry, social anxiety and shyness, divorce and separation, loss and bereavement. It will help you test yourself, identify your problems and bring order in your life by tackling your negative thoughts and habits.

The CBT app provides practices, examples, and exercises that will help you assess and understand the roots of your worries and teach you how to suppress your negative thinking. Cognitive behavioural therapy is proven to be effective in the long term by applying the techniques and shift the way you think. It can help you find a meaning and purpose, negotiate with yourself and be free from your past.

“Such as are your habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of your mind;
For the soul is dyed by the thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius

• In the Depression section, you will learn more about psychological, medical and alternative treatments for relief, reduction, prevention and dealing with major depressive disorders, dysthymia, bipolar disorder. By using the self-help methods you can learn helpful ways of thinking, that will help overcome depression now and in the future. It will also help you to practice ways of living your life and relating to people that leave you less vulnerable to depression.

• In the Anxiety and Worry (GAD) section you will have the opportunity to learn more about anxiety and worry and whether you are a worrier. A helpful set of strategies will show you how to deal with the purpose, meaning, and content of your worries. And, at the end, you will have a different perspective on how to manage it. The program will help you tackle your mental habits, address your feelings and practice different behaviors.

• In the Social Anxiety section, you will have the opportunity to learn more about social anxiety and how to overcome shyness, reassess your predictions about how things turn out for you and challenge the way you interpret others' responses to you. This program will teach you practical attention strategies to decrease your self-consciousness, social exposure exercises, and some social communication tips.

• In the Divorce and Separation section, you will learn about specific coping skills practices and training and helpful general practical advice. Along the way, it is worth remembering that the process of recovery from separation and divorce takes time, sometimes a long time. Rather than judge yourself for not going fast enough, it is important to give yourself credit for any small steps you make to help yourself or your children adjust to the changes.

• In the Bereavement and Loss section, you'll find information about grief and loss, including what is actually happening when we experience grief, common emotional reactions to loss, and unhelpful myths and expectations about grief. Although it's not possible to turn back the clock or remove the fact of a loss, you may find some of these ideas are useful for helping with your grief.

*The app is not designed to treat clinical levels of depression or anxiety, or other mental health disorders. Further counseling is needed as the diagnosis and treatment require a medical practitioner or a qualified mental health professional.

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Version History

Launched Nov 14, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Aug 01
Version 2.1

Minor adjustments; Targeting latest API

Jan 13
Version 2.0

Diary/Workbook/Notepad implemented
3 days free trials on subscriptions*
Minor changes in some sections and articles
*not valid for Lifetime subscriptions due to the nature of the product

Dec 10
Version 1.9

Divorce & Separation Program
Loss & Bereavement Program
Other minor changes

Dec 09
Version 1.8

Divorce & Separation Program
Loss & Bereavement Program
Minor changes

Nov 13
Version 1.7

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