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Share and discover home improvement and decorating ideas

DIY on a Budget is a social network for sharing everything DIY. So whether you want to show off your new living room, need help deciding what wallpaper to pick, or just want to find some inspiration, our large friendly community are here to help.

Everyone's budget is different but your house is a home you should be proud of. Search through
our posts and discover a wide range of beautiful and creative ideas to transform your home.

Find exactly what you need in a variety of ways, search, sort and save posts

But don't just look! Get involved!
'Like', 'Love' 'Watch' and comment on posts. Share your DIY knowledge and opinion.
Submit content of your own. Post your favourite room, see what people think, get advice and feedback.
Build your DIY reputation and go from 'DIY NOVICE' to 'DIY LEGEND'.


Submit anything related to home improvement/home decor
Post a question with a status bar, and let everyone know whether your question is answered/unanswered
Create a poll and see what is the most popular option with our community

Watch posts - Subscribe to posts and receive a notification when someone comments
Scrapbook - Save images to your scrapbook and create a portfolio of your dream home

Profile - Look back on all the posts you have 'Created', 'Commented', 'Liked', 'Loved' and 'Watched'

Search - Find exactly what you are looking for with the search feature
Categories - quickly get a list of a variety of categories (Living room, Garden, Bathroom, Floors, Walls, Lighting etc..)
Sort - See whats new, whats highly rated or what people are talking about by sorting your post feed

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Version History

Launched Jan 07, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 days, on average.

Feb 17
Version 2.1

- Added password reset and forgot password feature
- Scrapbook items can now be deleted
- 'user' problem resolved

Various other bug fixes

Jan 21
Version 2.0

-Post Feed Face lift
-Post titles have been removed and now only a message is required
-Add images when viewing a post to your scrapbook with a new scrapbook button
-Delete option added to your scrapbook items
-Other bug fixes

Jan 12
Version 1.6

-NEW FEATURE - Bump - Didn't get what you need when you posted? Now you can bump your post to the top of the feed again. You can only use this once
- 'Help' has changed
- Other fixes

Jan 08
Version 1.5

Several bug fixes including...
- Comment crash on some devices
- Full screen image not loading
- In app notifications

Jan 07
Version 1.4.4

Fixed registration bug

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