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Fancy Cash: find out if your cash is "Fancy Cash". At the end of the day, or before you go out, check your cash to see if you have a hidden treasure.

Easily check serial numbers on your cash ($ - 1, 5 ,10 ,20 ,etc..) for potential collectibility. Many people will sell their fancy cash to collectors through popular online auction sites or add it to their collection.

Fancy Cash checks the following Fancy serial number types:
- SOLID: Every digit is the same. Example: 44444444
- LADDER: Each digit is one lower or one higher Example: 45676543
- RADAR: Serial number reads the same from left most to right most and left most to right most. Example: 61311316
- REPEATER: Last 4 digits are the same as the first 4 digits. Example: 91519151
- RADAR REPEATER: Serial number is a radar and a repeater. Example: 20022002
- SUPER RADAR: Radar variant where internal digits are the same number. Example: 57777775
- SUPER REPEATER: Repeater variant where first two digits are repeated throughout. Example: 98989898
- DOUBLE QUAD: First 4 digits and last 4 digits are the same. Example: 11114444
- SEVEN OF A KIND 7 digits are all the same. Example: 31333333
- SEVEN IN A ROW: 7 consecutive digits are all the same. Example: 92222222
- BINARY: Two numbers appear throughout the length of the serial number. Example: 91911199
- LOW: Serial numbers 00000500 or lower. Numbers 00000100 or lower are typically more desirable. Example: 00000356
- HIGH nSerial numbers 99999500 and higher. Numbers 99999900 and higher are typically more desirable. Example: 99999436

*Please note Fancy Cash makes no determination on the value of a matching monetary note. Fancy Cash Free is used for determining if the type matches a known pattern of collectible serial numbers. Value is determined by separate unassociated process of a sell or collector.
*Please note this is Fancy Cash (with no ads!)- we also have a free version "Fancy Cash Free" (with ads).

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Launched Jul 04, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).
Jul 04
Version 1.0

Version 1.0 7/5/2017


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