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NEW: Floor Calculator 2.0 Preview included - test new functions, like free room design with angled walls.


The floor calculator helps you plan and install new floorings and wall coverings in the rooms of your home, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Many different types of flooring are available for the planning: These include the wooden floors (parquet, laminate, cork), but also vinyl / PVC, carpet and tiles (with and without joints). The application measures and calculates the exact number of floor elements required for the rooms you specify. The installation pattern can be adjusted and aligned with a variety of options to achieve a uniform appearance and layout. For each floor element, the size and position are also measured to simplify the installation of the flooring and to avoid unnecessary waste material. The results of the calculations are additionally graphically visualized (2D and 3D) so that you can assess the layout and design of the planned floor quickly and easily.

Feature list
(PRO-version, see below for the restrictions of the free version. If the functionality of the free version is not sufficient for you and you do not want to buy the PRO-In-App-Purchase under any circumstances: Please don't download the app.)

• Planning and creation of the floorings and wall coverings of your rooms (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, …)
• Support of floor material with and without joints: Parquet, Cork, Laminate, Vinyl/PVC, Tiles, Carpet
• Calculation of the required number of floor elements for user-specified rooms and floor patterns ➔ Avoid unnecessary waste material to save money and protect the environment
• Three installation patterns with multiple options for customizing and aligning to achieve a consistent look and design
• Support for rectangular and non-rectangular rooms
• Measure and display of the length, width and room position for every floor section (numerical and graphical)
• 3D visualization of the calculated floor plan
• Database management of calculation results for easy access at a later time
• Customization of the user interface: Unit of length (metric, imperial) and language (English, German)
• Step-by-step input of parameters with help functions for fast results

Limitations of the free version:
• Max. room size: 5 x 5 m
• Max. database entries: 5
• No non-rectangular rooms
• No expansion joints
• No tiles with joints
• No pattern customization
• Fixed starting point

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Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 1Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 2Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 3Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 4Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 5Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 6Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 7Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 8Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 9Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 10Floor Calculator: Plan & install flooring screenshot 11

Version History

Launched Nov 02, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 03
Version 1.2

- PDF export of the results (see "Share" button in the upper menu bar of the room)
- Internal improvements

Jul 02
Version 1.1

Floor Calculator 2.0 preview:

- Added support for units of measure (cm / mm / in)
- Improved accuracy

Apr 14
Version 1.06


Jan 28
Version 1.05

Bug fix: Wrong element lengths at fixed offset and adjusted first element

Jan 03
Version 1.04

Added function to highlight offset between floor rows

Dec 13
Version 1.03

- Added function to set fixed offset between rows
- Revised help functions

Dec 04
Version 1.02

- Added feature to adjust database entries (in the overflow menu of the individual floor entries)
- Fixed a bug that prevented the display of calculation results

Nov 12
Version 1.01

Added support for imperial units.

Nov 11
Version 1.0

Small adjustments to some texts

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