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Learn and look up THOUSANDS of guitar chords. Play guitar, right on your Android phone or tablet. Major, minor, 7th, and so many more chords.

Full fingerings show you which fingers to put where, with barres clearly labeled to get you up and down the fretboard.

Clean, clear interface makes choosing chords a snap.

Full left handed support for all fingerings.

Strum to hear any chord played from gorgeous, crisp audio samples. Sounds great from the phone speaker, or headphones to brush up on chords in private.

Terms of Service: http://www.chordbank.com/terms-of-service.

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Version History

Launched Apr 26, 2014 (over 5 years ago).
Feb 23
Version 2.0.1

- Adds full support for our left handed users. Just tap the menu button, and the little hand to switch all chords, scales, and reverse fingerings to left or right handed mode.
- Fixes layout for tablets (sorry about that--we are working on a redesigned Tablet experience).

THANK YOU for continuing to write in as we refine ChordBank's Android app. Please email us as you're using the app and find problems, or features you'd like to see!

Feb 22
Version 2.0.0

We're completely rewriting ChordBank to add features, and make the most of your Android phone.
In this version:
- you should see MANY more chords than you're used to.
- we've also added over a dozen scales, with fingering patterns!
- and the reverse chordfinder, to help you identify chords
Please email with any problems or feedback! support@chordbank.com.
Much more to come, thank you for your patience!

Apr 25
Version 1.0

How to play every guitar chord you'll need, played right on your Android phone, with full fingerings up and down the fretboard. ChordBank has your chords.