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This revolutionary app makes it possible for anyone, yes ANYONE, to back up a preacher during service and sound like a 7 pc band while doing so! Now for the first time , it is available for Android mobile devices and we’ve made it BIGGER and BETTER! Pastors, your days of having to preach without musicians backing you are finally over! Church members, you now have the power to assist your pastor like never before. This app is designed for the church by the church. It’s easy to download and get started, and we guarantee church will never be the same! You’ve been looking for a way to enhance the music ministry at your church, and it’s finally here!

Amazing Features:

-Back up the preacher in any key without having any advanced musical knowledge.

--Sound like a 7pc band with just the push of ONE button using the revolutionary Easy Play mode! All you have to do is tap the button, and each time, a new chord or band hit will play a realistic sequence that will instantly have you sounding like a pro!

-Be creative and create your own sequence of Whoop chord progressions while playing in Pads view. You can take full control of the moment and easily flow as the atmosphere of the service changes!

-Two amazing modes to play in. Full band mode, where you’ll trigger audio samples of drums, bass, piano, rhodes, synth, organ, and guitar, all playing together as a full church band. 2pc Organ and Drums gives you the traditional feel of just a Hammond B-3 organist and a drummer backing up the preacher. You can trigger organ runs, slides, and even make the organ “talk!”

-The ability to change keys at any given time

-The ability to mute/unmute drums and music in the shout and worship moments!

-Tap the S button and the congregation will be ready to shout!

-Swipe right and instantly access 4 levels of shout music that you can switch between on the fly. You can change the key and the tempo at any given time!

-Tap the T button and you’ll get endless organ talk music in any key!

-Swipe left, and instantly access 4 levels of worship music that you can switch between at any point in time! You can also change the key and pitch at will.

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Version History

Launched Sep 16, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Dec 03
Version 2.6.11

Updated Server
New Collection Added

Nov 20
Version 2.6.9

We appreciate all of you for your awesome feedback! The click tracks are now playing again in the sync play collections. We truly appreciate your support!

Oct 07
Version 2.6.8

Network security level fix

Sep 22
Version 2.6.7

-Updated Engine
-Switch Between Sets of Keys Seamlessly
-Minor Bug Fixes

Apr 30
Version 2.6.2

-New Key detection! Can't figure out what key the preacher is preaching in? Hold down the key display for about a second, and soon it will find the key for you and highlight it in green!
-New progress bar at the top of shouts and worship moments to give you a better feel of when to make the changes between sections
-T & S buttons now illuminate red while active
-Switch between collections as it retains the previous key
-Minor Bug Fixes

Nov 09
Version 2.0.0

-New “Key Reference” button that allows you to hear what key the triggerz will be in before you play! Just tap the key icon before taping a trigger button to hear the key!

-New Shout music added to the 2pc Organ & Drums Collection!

-Fixed issue with Shout and Worship moments playing in different keys

-Other minor bug fixes

Sep 15
Version 1.0.0

Whoop Triggerz for Android is finally here!!!

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