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Princess Coloring Game is a set of free coloring games for girls. There are lots of images with plenty of interesting characters waiting for you, such as Fairies, Princesses, Sirens and Cute Animals. Visit the fairy tale world full of charming girls and make their world more colorful and fun. You will be rewarded with the satisfaction of creating an image that is unique and matches your style. These coloring pages focus mostly on princess world and they develop child’s imagination and manual dexterity.

You can make your creative vision come to life by using different painting tools that make it possible to achieve an original effect. You can feel as if you’re working on paper with traditional tools. You can fill the areas quickly using the bucket tool or use the crayon, marker or brush. Every swipe shows a realistic colorful mark. Color palette is very extensive - it’s not just several colors but numerous hues that you can adjust to your liking. If you want to darken or lighten an area there is also a tool for that.

Your work can be further decorated with additional innovative gadgets. You’ve got plenty of stamps and patterns to choose from, so your image can become even more beautiful. To make your work easier the stamps have been grouped into the following categories:

- Animals and nature,
- Holidays and special occasions,
- Princess world,
- Decorations and accessories,
- Food.

Relax and create something new while spending time in the presence of princes and courtiers. You are going to meet the characters that you already know and like. Princesses are waiting for their knights in beautiful castles and palaces. Sirens have plenty of fun in the water discovering the mysteries of underwater world. Beautiful fairies are resting among the flowers that beg you for some juicy colors. And if you like cute animals they are ready to play with you.

If you make a mistake while coloring or you are dissatisfied with the stamp or pattern you have chosen, you can always undo your recent work and go several actions back or use an eraser. You can also and start from the beginning. So don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy all the innovative tools. If you want to take a closer look at something or make your drawing more precise you can use the zoom tool.
If you want to take a break you can! Don’t worry about losing all your hard work, your progress will be saved and when you come back your image will be waiting for you.

Save your images to come back to them later.
Show your friends what you created with the help of e-mail or Facebook.

Simple and intuitive interface combined with advanced tools make this game suitable for both kids and adults.

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Version History

Launched Oct 25, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Dec 18
Version 1.27

v 1.27 - little bugs fixed, new Christmas images and items added

Dec 04
Version 1.22

v 1.22 - new Halloween images and items added

Dec 04
Version Varies with device

v 1.23 - new Christmas images and items added

Aug 01
Version 1.20

v 1.20 - new images and japanese items added

Jun 12
Version 1.19

v 1.19 - new images added, little bugs fixed

Mar 26
Version 1.18

v 1.18 - new Easter items added

Mar 25
Version 1.17

v 1.17 - little bugs fixed

Feb 01
Version 1.15

v 1.15 - new Valentines items added

Jan 03
Version 1.13

v 1.13 - little bugs fixed, new Christmas images and items added

Dec 22
Version 1.12

v 1.12 - new Christmas images and items added, little bugs fixed

Dec 19
Version 1.10

v 1.10 - new Christmas images and items added

Dec 03
Version 1.09

v 1.09 - new Christmas items added, little bugs fixed

Nov 08
Version 1.08

v 1.08 - little bugs fixed

Oct 26
Version 1.07

v 1.07 - new images added

Oct 24
Version 1.06

Princess Coloring Game

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