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REALINSTRUMENTS - Stings & Keys Caustic Content Pack.

This all new pack is a first for Caustic! 48mb's of PCM Presets for Caustic created by sampling REAL basses, guitars and vintage keys thru a clean, warm analog signal path. The results are amazing! Songwriters can sketch out song ideas for a full band, producers can add a realistic sound to their mixes or just warp these into something different all together!

"I really appreciate your expansion packs. I don't write electronic music, so these real instruments make Caustic such a better songwriting tool for me." - Rich L.

Take Caustic further than electro with acoustic guitars, Distorted electric guitars both playing chords and single notes.

Also featured is a Nylon string guitar sampled so clean it's like having the guitar in your tablet or phone.

Also included are REAL Bass guitars varied to fit any style from Hip Hop to funk, rock and everything in-between. There is a funky Ibanez, A picked Warwick and a fretless fender!

And last but not least we sampled a 1950's Hammond and an original Rhodes! Both perfectly sampled and left as clean as possible.

We don't "pre-filter" our PCM presets either. All presets effects and filters are OFF and set to zero. This gives you the end-user the most flexibility to shape the sound to your hearts delight.

*Please note you MUST have CAUSTIC 2 installed to use these sounds.

*Some of the presets, such as the guitar chords are mapped to the middle & lower keys. If you press a key and don't hear a sound, go down an octave.

*When installing PLEASE BE PATIENT! This is a 48mb file and may take a minute or two to install on your device.

Please check out our other Caustic Expansion packs and visit our site www.bigbeardaudio.com for more content.

Join us at forums.bigbeardaudio.com for song templates, free content and tips & tricks and share the songs you have made with our samples! You can even win prizes!

FOLLOW US ON TWITER @bigbeardaudio

Demo reggae .caustic song available at: http://bigbeardaudio.com/free-stuff
Have fun and let us hear what you create!

Created by: Big Beard Audio - A Trans-Atlantic collaboration of producers with over 60 years combined experience in music production and sound design. And now we are mobile!

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Launched Jun 11, 2012 (over 7 years ago).
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