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*****All faeries have been rid from the app! All four meditations are running smoothly as should!*****

Froud Meditations Pathways to Faery, is unlike any other meditations you have experienced. Designed for artists, writers, musicians and anyone wishing to experience various paths leading to the realms of faerie and their own enhanced creativity. Journey through four magical landscapes guided and voiced by renowned international faery artist Wendy Froud with original compositions by Elizabeth-Jane Baldry, acclaimed UK harpist. Brian Froud's visual imagery are riveting from the moment you start the app and continue on through to the old world Journal. There you can sketch or type your experience from the meditations.

As in Wendy's workshops, she gently guides you on your multi-sensory journey helping you discover and release creativity and imaginative thinking locked inside of you. Once discovered, she leads you safely back and encourages you to sketch, write or sculpt your experiences. These four pathways, Trolls, Faeries, Elves and Wise Ones are lengthy journeys during different times of the day and in different seasons. You can have these meditations at your fingertips to be used as you desire. 

The Froud’s are two of the most internationally well-known and respected artists working in the genre of faerie today. For years, people have asked them to share their experiences and explain how one can access the heightened awareness and find their inspiration in another reality. Froud Meditations Pathways to Faery does just that. Touch faery and its different realms through the eyes of Wendy and Brian Froud.

App Features:
• 4 meditations: Trolls, Faeries, Elves and The Wise Ones
• Each meditation is approximately 20 minutes in length and voiced by Wendy Froud
• Original scores for each meditation by Elizabeth-Jane Baldry
• Ability to adjust the music and audio setting independently of one another
• Ability to stop, pause and scrub through the audio
• Journal contains both a sketch pad and text pad
• Journal contents allows users to save and edit sketched and typed entries

Sketch pad allows the user:
• A basic sketching pad
• Adjustable pencil settings
• Adjustable RGB color settings
• Adjustable Alpha settings
• Adjustable eraser settings
• Save individual entries and then edit them later
• Swipe through the journal to find sketched entries
• Choose from various art board backgrounds
• Print sketch entries
• Email sketches

Text pad allows the user:
• Basic writing pad with a keyboard
• Save individual entries and then edit them later
• Swipe through the journal to find typed entries
• Choose from various art board backgrounds including lines for the text
• Print text entries
• Email text entries as a text file to manipulate outside of the app

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Version History

Launched Jun 18, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Oct 17
Version 1.12

Jun 26
Version 1.07

Jun 26
Version 1.05

Jun 18
Version 1.02

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