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Gyro Attitude Indicator and other key flight instruments on your Android.

Key features:
-Gyro Attitude Indicator, with auto-calibration and auto-leveling. For devices without gyro sensors, attitude is derived from GPS. Indicator shows extreme attitude chevrons to guide you back to a safety if you find yourself in an unusual attitude
-"Glass cockpit" Primary Flight Display using digital tapes for Speed, Altitude, Heading, Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn
-Position relative to nearest airport in plain English (convenient for ATC position reports), with a global database of 23,000 airports, including tower frequencies
-Automatic Flight Timer
-Fully configurable display, in portrait and landscape mode
-Choice of imperial or metric units

Provides pilots with a backup for their artificial horizon, airspeed indicator, altimeter and compass on a modern PFD.

Continuous Adaptive Auto-Calibration adjusts the gyro for sensor drift as a result of temperature, engine vibration and sensor errors, and a Kalman filter combines input from multiple sensors for better attitude stability.

For correct indication, the device needs to be placed vertical, with the screen facing the pilot, but aligned with the axis of flight (i.e., not rotated for better viewing). Level the attitude indicator by tapping the center at any time.

If desired, choose 'Use GPS for attitude' to force GPS-derived attitude indication (ignoring gyro sensors).

Sensors are optimized for use in flight, and will show dip and bank at slow speeds (eg in a car).

Upon start-up, the tapes will show red X marks to indicate that no reliable GPS signal is available. Once a reliable GPS signal has been captured, speed and altitude tapes will show. If attitude is derived from GPS, the attitude indicator and heading tape will show once moving at a speed of greater than 10 kts. A reliable GPS signal may not be possible indoors.

The frequency of GPS updates varies considerably between devices. The age of the last GPS fix is shown when >3s, to warn that the GPS data is old. All indications are not reliable when the GPS data is old.

Air data is derived from GPS, and therefore only an approximation of actual air speed, altitude and heading (and attitude for devices without gyro sensors). Do not use for primary navigation or attitude reference. You assume total responsibility and risk associated with this application.

Most devices have accelerometer sensors, but this is not the same as gyro sensors. Gyro attitude is only possible with gyro sensors, so please check your device documentation to confirm you have gyro sensors. If not, Flight Instruments will derived attitude information from the GPS, which is still very useful in flight, but not as smooth and accurate as gyro indication.

DISCLAIMER: This app is not FAA approved and should not be used for primary navigation. All information is presented for reference only. You assume total responsibility and risk associated with this application

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Version History

Launched Dec 27, 2013 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Dec 28
Version v.2013.12.28

Dec 27
Version Varies with device

Further improved Kalman filter, fusing gyro, accelerometer, GPS and magnetometer information for better stability.
Modernized UI

Dec 26
Version v.2013.12.27

Further improved Kalman filter, fusing gyro, accelerometer, GPS and magnetometer information for better stability.
Modernized UI

Sep 17
Version v.2.2.4

Sep 16
Version v.2.2.3

Sep 16
Version v.2.2.1

Sep 10
Version v.2.2

Jul 21
Version v.2.1.3

Jun 05
Version v.2.1.2

Previous 3 versions

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