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#1 productivity App, iOS Israel
top #5 Category Grossing in the UK
top #10 in the category in US
top #10 Lifestyle Apps in AU

The app works in the background, recording everything, always.
You can press a button to save the past 2/15/60 minutes or at any point from your last 7 days.

True "Time-Shifting" machine.
"Go back and hear your entire history"

Recordings are stored locally, and only locally on the device.
No other apps are allowed to record. Use the app to turn off facebook listening & as your microphone shield!


• Battery use: the app was built to use as minimum resources as possible and so is the result (measurement show less than 0.3% battery consumption per hour).

• Storage: using an advanced audio compression we are able to keep high-quality audio at a small size.

• The app launches automatically at startup (after the phone was turned off)- no configuration required, for a real "always recording experience". 

• Delete mode: Allows you to go back, hear and delete unwanted records of your history.

• Calls recordings: easy access to all of your calls records (2-way call recording is not allowed on all devices)

• Calendar Meetings Sync and Listen Later: In a press of a button, access the recordings of all of your calendar meetings, hear and share with the participants.

Main Privacy Features:

• All of the recordings are stored locally on your device and deleted after 7 days, permanently. (except the saved or uploaded ones)
• No need for an internet connection 
• Does not upload your recordings to our servers.
• No one, but you, has any access to your recordings.
• Does not allow other apps, such as Facebook/Google/Amazon Alexa, to use your mic, without your pre-approval/pausing The Third Ear. Turn off the microphone for other apps & use the app as a microphone shield.

Free version:

1. Save the past hour (or less), unlimited, always.
2. Hear your last week events/recordings for a limited amount of times. the free plays are renewed every week.

Paid version:

1. Hear your last week, totally unlimited.
2. Upload to a cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive): calls, meetings, saved recordings automatically. (Soon).
3. Upload to a cloud all of the week events.

The Third Ear is a new innovative way to record every significant moment in your life!

Google Play Store Category:

Primary: Applications

Secondary: Events

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Version History

Launched May 25, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

May 12
Version Varies with device

Improved app stability
Fixed issue with excess permissions in the mobile app

Mar 21
Version 2.2.14

Battery Optimizations for newer OS.

Feb 20
Version 2.2.13

Small UX improvements

Feb 07
Version 2.2.11

UX Improvements
Added new Tutorial

Feb 03
Version 2.2.10

"Back In Time" improvements

Jan 31
Version 2.2.9

User Experience (UX) improvements
Share audio functionality improvments

Jan 29
Version 2.2.8

Major Stability Improvements
Minor Ux Improvements

Jan 08
Version 2.2.7

Increased App stability

Dec 06
Version 2.2.6

Save custom timing (custom circle)
Small UX changes
Search records functionality

Nov 14
Version 2.2.5

Introducing the "FEED" V1.0
The Feed will include all of your saved moments to browse, play and share in a much more convenient way.

Oct 29
Version 2.2.4

Call recording: display caller name and allow other apps to manage call recordings.

Oct 19
Version 2.2.2

Fix issue with play limit for subscribers

Sep 12
Version 2.2.1

Stabilization of application

Sep 11
Version 2.0.8

Option to record/not record calls
"Recording" word removed from notifications for more "incognito" mode
Amount of free plays/per week updated
Option to select the number of days saved on device. 1-7 days option (to save space)
Stability and call recording improvements.

Jul 09
Version 2.0.4

Small UI changes

Jul 05
Version 1.1.11

New Feature: "Delete-Mode"
New Feature: "Visual Editor"
New Categories of Records: Calls, Calendar Meetings Sync
Fix of File Naming
Minor bugs fix

Jun 16
Version 1.1.4

Fix issue with playing in Back In Time

Jun 16
Version 1.1.3

Delete Mode was added

Jun 04
Version 1.1.2

Hotfix: changed link in "spread the word" message

May 30
Version v.2017.05.30

May 29
Version v.2017.05.29

May 28
Version v.2017.05.28

May 26
Version v.2017.05.26

May 25
Version v.2017.05.25

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