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Recreate your childhood with a modern take on a classic synthesizer. Inspired by the Stylophone pocket synthesizer of the 1970's, this virtual electronic keyboard instrument expands on it to offer 3 different waveform sounds and 3 retro body styles.


* Realistic pocket synthesizer model
* Interactive 3D view
* Authentic polyphonic sound with 3 different waveforms
* Choice of body styles
* Optional note overlay
* No ads

 $0.99 in Google Play


Stylusphone 3D screenshot 1Stylusphone 3D screenshot 2Stylusphone 3D screenshot 3Stylusphone 3D screenshot 4Stylusphone 3D screenshot 5Stylusphone 3D screenshot 6

Version History

Launched Feb 05, 2019 (about 1 month ago).
Feb 05
Version 1.0

First release


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