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Sign up for Griddy to get the ultimate in energy savings. Griddy bypasses the middleman, connecting you directly to the lowest available energy prices. Because better data means bigger savings, the Griddy app delivers real-time consumption information and energy price alerts right to your smartphone.

Sign up or access your data via the Griddy app
Track the real-time price of energy up to the next 48 hours
Manage your monthly, daily or hourly energy usage and spend
Receive price alerts that let you know when the price of energy is really high or really low
Easily update payment and account information
Enjoy the ease of automatic payments with our pay-as-you-go plan – No more bills!

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Version History

Launched Apr 06, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

Apr 11
Version 4.0.3

Happy moving season! And yes, there really is a season for everything. So to commemorate, you can now edit the expiration date and zip code associated with your credit card. So, if you are moving, you can change the zip code for your new residence right in the app and not have to worry about those automatic payments.

Fun Fact: Idaho has the most people moving to it (there must be something in those potatoes).

Mar 12
Version 4.0.2

New year, new us, new account page! We’ve made it easier to add funds to your account with a big, beautiful pink button right below your balance that you really can’t miss. We’ve also created a transaction list that shows you your latest recharges, added funds and referral credits. Hint: If you refer a friend, not only do you both get $25, but now you can see it here! Gooooooo transparency!

Feb 07
Version 4.0.1

Twas the night before a release, when all thro’ the app,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a bug!

’Cause we squashed them all. Happy holidays! Ho ho ho.

Dec 11
Version 4.0.0

Be our guest
Be our guest
Put wholesale to the test
Enter your zip into our app, cherie
And we’ll provide the rest
5-minute prices
Savings so nices
Why, it really is the best!

TL;DR we launched a wonderful, spectacular version of our app that lets you try Griddy for free before transferring your service over to us. So please, be our guest!

Oct 31
Version 2.2.2

New Feature Alert! New Feature Alert! We have created a new tool to help you track how much you have saved with Griddy! Hint: A boat load.

And to help those savings shine, we’ve updated the UI to match the beauty.

Sep 23
Version 2.2.1

Green means go. Red means stop. But thanks to some, er, irregularities on our price dial, you’d see the go sign for some high prices. But thanks to our Light Operator Engineer’s background in colorology, the colors on the dial now correspond to prices that makes sense. Green is for below-average prices, pink is for above-average prices and dark red is for “Joe, deflate that bounce house NOW!” prices.

Oh, and you can now add and view additional meters on one single account, too!

Aug 14
Version 2.2.0

Not all heroes wear capes – Some had to send theirs to the cleaners to get rid of all the bugs they squashed.

Aug 06
Version 2.1.9

Did you know our members save an average of $305 a year? I’ll bet a big, blue dot you did! The time has finally come to make some design updates to the Statement screen. We are removing the projected savings circle and replacing it with more relevant information to your monthly summary.

But don’t worry, you can still stay in touch with that round, azure blob. Send your goodbyes to support@gogriddy.com and let it know how you feel about the new updates.

Jul 25
Version 2.1.8

Money, money, money! You asked, we listened. Now you can add funds to your account directly from the app. No more waiting for your automatic recharge at $25 as the only way to add to your account. To add funds, go to the Settings menu from the Account page and tap Add Funds (we know it’s easy, we just wanted to point out HOW easy). Keep the feedback coming, we’ll keep listening!

Jul 17
Version 2.1.5

New to Griddy? We updated our new member enrollment flow to be easier than ever (existing members will tell you it was pretty easy to begin with). Want more? Download in the next ten minutes and you’ll get better notifications around price spikes, drops, and even when the wholesale price of electricity is free! Operators are standing by, download today.

Jun 28
Version 2.1.4

For you,
We updated all of the app settings so you can now change your phone number, email address and password without issue. It’s as easy as pie. As easy as the ABCs. Or even 1, 2, 3. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (and yes, that is the original phrase).

May 10
Version 2.1.3

We are takin’ care of business (every day)! Takin’ care of business (every way)! Griddy’s been taking care of business – and now officially supports your business. We have redesigned the signup flow so commercial meters can now enroll by themselves. We also added a section in Settings to explain your business tier and membership (this only shows up if you have a business account).

If you like the update to the Griddy app (or don’t), send us feedback at support@gogriddy.com.

Apr 18
Version 2.1.2

We are takin’ care of business (every day)! Takin’ care of business (every way)! Griddy’s been taking care of business – and now officially supports your business. We have redesigned the signup flow so commercial meters can now enroll by themselves. We also added a section in Settings to explain your business tier and membership (this only shows up if you have a business account).

If you like the update to the Griddy app (or don’t), send us feedback at support@gogriddy.com.

Apr 16
Version 2.1.1

Do you know the difference between ‘log in’ (two words) vs ‘login’ (one word)? We didn’t either, but can now proudly say that, “You log in [verb] on the login [adj] screen.” Oh, and we made the edits in the app to reflect our newly inherited grammar nerdism.

For actual worthwhile updates, we added a Forgot Password button on the login screen (see what we did there). Apologize for making you search for it before.

Apr 03
Version 2.1.0

Whats new? “¿Hablas español?”
And now so does the Griddy app. If your phone’s language is set to Spanish, then you will now be able to view the Griddy app in Spanish. Excelente!

Mar 07
Version 2.0.3

You may have noticed a price spike alert recently. And you may have noticed that when you opened the app after receiving said price spike alert, the app, well…what’s the opposite of not crashing? So we fixed that. You can now receive push notifications and be able to actually view them. Success!

Feb 05
Version 2.0.2

We have a couple of February resolutions this year (New Year’s Resolutions are so last year). 1) Increase savings for our members. 2) Ignore Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. 3) Get rid of those incoherent error messages. So instead of seeing, {“type”: card_error”,message”,“request_id”:“req_VIPSDv234al@“}, you’ll now see messages written with actual words and sentence structure. Oh, and the back button actually takes you to the previous screen. Sweet.

Feb 04
Version 2.0.0

What's a bug? It is nor crash, nor error,
Nor glitch, nor slip, nor any other part
Belonging to an app. O, let there be an update.
What's in an update? that which we call a fix
By any other name would be as welcomed.
If you have any feedback, or are generally upset by this Shakespearean rendition, send us a note at support@gogriddy.com.

Jan 29
Version 1.99

Nothing new to see here, folks. No, really. There is nothing new, visually speaking, to see here. Instead, we spent this release cleaning up some behind-the-seen bugs and making minor improvements to help with stability.

Nov 14
Version 1.98

We came, we saw, we squashed some bugs.

Nov 02
Version 1.97

For those in a sugar coma after buying all the discounted Halloween candy, we will keep this short:
1) Fixed a bug that showed errors on the Usage screen if viewed on public Wifi.
2) Fixed another bug that wouldn’t update your address if you moved.
3) Made the Checkout button bigger (and easier to tap!) when adding a credit or debit card to your account.

Oct 18
Version 1.96

Witches and werewolves. Goblins and ghouls. And those people who like candy corn.
Do you know what else is scary? An app haunted by spooky bugs. Which is why this update focused on scaring them away (boo!). We also made it easier to add a new credit card to your account (yay!) with a totally revamped design.
Trick or Treat Bonus Points: If you like the update to the Griddy app, leave a review or if you have additional feedback and questions, email us at support@gogriddy.com.

Oct 03
Version 1.95

Besides all the summer-time bugs that needed to be squashed, we also fixed the issue that the app would show your old address if you moved to a new address.

Sep 11
Version 1.94

A new bug was discovered today in the depths of the Android forest. For a brief moment, Wifiruina Araneae roamed free, crashing the app intermittently and unexpectedly until it was squashed by a Griddy scientist – never to be seen again.

Aug 31
Version 1.93

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Stay safe, Texas.
Here's whats new: On the Electricity Usage screen, we updated the design to make the cost breakdown easier to read and understand. We’ve also added better messaging for why there is sometimes a 24-48 hour delay in retrieving your smart meter data.
For the 8% that have an AMSM meter type, you can now sign up with Griddy.
Have suggestions? Email us at support@gogriddy.com. We always love to hear from our members.

Aug 03
Version 1.92

We took some advice from Salt-n-Pepa (and Spinderella, too) and decided to, “Push (notification) it – push (notification) it real good.” So now you will be notified when electricity prices spike or drop, giving you more insights into the best time to unplug on plug in. We know you’ve been asking for this feature, so we are very excited to include it in this release. You can control these in the updated Notifications page in Settings.
On top of that, we simplified how you are recharged.

Jul 19
Version 1.91

We'll let you get back to your summer vacation soon, but first, here are some updates we made:
For future activation dates, you can now choose tomorrow's date, because, yes, we realized that is in the future too.
Updated the copy on the Congratulations page to provide clearer next steps on what's to come. (Hint: You don't have to do anything.)
And, of course, the always exciting bug fixes.

Jul 12
Version 1.9

Fun fact: Hyphenated surnames are also called “double-barreled names”. Less fun fact: We had a bug that did not allow users with hyphens or apostrophes in their names to enroll. Fun fact again: That bug has been fixed.
We’ve also addressed an issue where you can’t pick a future activation date on a Sunday or holiday – something ERCOT doesn’t allow. So now you’ll know the date you selected is the actual date you will have power. We also made some updates to data on the usage page.

Jun 18
Version 1.8

Summer is here and so are the bugs. With our Griddy Grade A Bug Repellent, we have zapped some bugs from the app, including the ones causing havoc with the user interface and demo mode.
There were also 6 mosquitos hanging out during enrollment. We got rid of them, as well as the need to enter city or state when signing up. Now you just have to enter your zip code, and we’ll take care of it from there.

Jun 05
Version 1.7

Remember when you used to pay an inflated fixed-rate to a middleman for your electricity? We are not only bringing the way you buy electricity into the future, but we are also bringing you future activations.
What's New
Future activations: During enrollment you can now choose a future date to go Griddy.
Move in & switch: We used to only support switches from other providers (our bad), but now if you are moving into a place with no electricity, we will take care of that, too.

May 24
Version 1.6

Did you know that in 2016 there were 139 hours when the price of electricity was free? Did you also know we made the following improvements to our app:
- Added a 5-minute countdown timer to the Wholesale Price page
- Your Statement of Usage and Payment (SUP) can now be viewed via a web page from the Savings screen
- Fixed some bugs and enhanced some designs

May 08
Version 1.5grid

Did you know 88% of energy plans have early termination fees? Pretty deceitful, right? Which is why we are trying to fix the energy industry.
On top of that, we also made these fixes:
*Billing screen has changed to Savings so you can see how much you save.
*Top-notch design improvements
*Squashed some bugs
Have any suggestions? Email us at support@gogriddy.com. Thanks for going Griddy. It's on.

May 02
Version 1.4

Apr 26

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