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Chess King is your ultimate cross platform Online Social Chess Simulator.

Chess King features online multiplayer capabilities, numerous game modes. and countless other features making it the best chess simulator in the appstore. This game is currently supporting Play Services. Not only can you play against the computer, but also your friends on both iOS and Android mobile devices around the world!

Currently supports loading chess notation script files. Since the late 1800's numerous famous games have been recorded and documented in time. Now with over 20 famous games you can see what unique techniques the Chess Grand Masters used!

Also you can play multiple renditions and variants of Chess including Blitz, Normal Timer, No Timer, Displacement, Chess960, Peasant's Revolt, and much more!

The fully adaptable and customizable 3D world is impressive to say the least. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan and pivot through the 3D chess board. Also special effects have been added for aesthetics, as you can see.

Various sharing methods, and social media sharing features allow you to send your game to your peers, and capture your victory in true essence! You can post natively in numerous social outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more. We also allow e-mailing and texting the PGN text, Screenshots, and the actual PGN text file.

Also included are numerous scenes, and customizable chess pieces and boards. You can choose from 3 different scenes and 10 different themes. Optionally you can turn on animation, and music/sound effects. You can also toggle numerous camera viewing angles, and change either a fully customizable camera or fixed camera. Almost every aspect of this game can be customized for an optimal playing experience!

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Launched Oct 03, 2015 (about 5 years ago).
Oct 02
Version 1.0