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This port of the original Navdy app works with existing Navdy HUD displays, fixing the maps that failed in the no-longer-supported original Navdy App.

This app also updates all the underlying maps and google libraries for improved phone support going forward.

If you've got the original navdy app or my previous apk repacked version already installed on your phone, you'll need to uninstall them first before installing this - they're incompatible with each other and installation of this will fail.

Note: the early July 2019 releases were rebuilt from scratch on a newer internal release from navdy (see release notes). This unfortunately re-introduced a number of compatibility issues which I'm working on resolving.

If you want to discuss these issues please see the below links for gitlab (can use issue tracker) or reddit, I can't respond to queries in user reviews!

For support, see my wiki:
and the navdy subreddit:

Open Source codebase and previous releases:

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Version History

Launched Nov 25, 2018 (9 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 13 days, on average.

Jul 25
Version 3.4-0-gd69cc8a

Fixes for a number of crashes, mostly caused by Android platform and library update compatibility issues:

Fix TaskRemovalService job definition
Handle android.support library changes to notifications
Fix version number in support tickets
Ignore OTA Update check button when there's not OTA service available
Rebuild WebViewActivity to fix reported crash
Remove screen orientation setting for LocationDialogActivity

Jul 20
Version 3.3-0-g6fbc534

Fix the destination suggestion service
Resolve since other auto reported crashes
Update play-services and firebase
Trial a fix for the "unknown caller" Android compatibility issue
Support change in Googles location search service where week days open times are not already supplied.

Jul 17
Version 3.2-0-gba1c2f3

Trial fix for unknown caller issue.
Fix crash when Google Play Music not available
Update android support libs
Migrate DestinationSuggestionService to JobIntentService
Workaround setBluetoothA2dpOn NoSuchMethodError
Catch and log memory error in DestinationImageView.setImageResource
Remove orientation setting on Bluetooth pair activity

Jul 15
Version 3.1-0-g1596875

Fix Contact Us form for user initiated error reporting.
Fix Crashlytics for fatal error reporting.
Resolve issue with car selection in first-use wizard.

Jul 11
Version 3.0-0-g60445d4

Complete rebuild of my app based on new internal Navdy build of app recently provided by u/Tstyln

* Startup wizard allow swipe past bluetooth to skip.
* Disable AWS S3 / OTA services
* Google/Here API Key Configs
* Update here-maps and crashlytics
* Request location permission before bluetooth connection
* Lost (Fused) Location Source, flash icon on location send
* Rebuild "Support->Contact Us" from phone app to send details to gitlab as support tickets
* Link "Support->Help Center" to my wiki

May 27
Version 2.14-0-g4c43be6

Fix glances setting issue, hopefully resolve non-working whatsapp notifications
Rebuild "Contact Us" in settings/support. Now any support requests get sent to my gitlab issue tracker.

May 14
Version 2.13-0-gb6b9070

Fix missing Messages settings page in side menu
Reduce minimum android version to SDK 21
Update number of core libraries and Here API to latest versions.

May 05
Version 2.12-0-g9d6ff1d

Fix TaskRemovalService background noise.
Add navigation api donation request.

Apr 27
Version 2.11-0-gebd9863

Fix for Bluetooth pair activity
Handle failure to start TaskRemovalService

Apr 25
Version 2.10-0-gb928094

Fix final AndoidX migration issue in TelephonyService

Apr 24
Version 2.9-0-g20fef5d

Sharing locations from other apps to navdy have been greratly improved, thanks to contributor Lakiel Wade
Fixed bugs with notification glances and text-to-speech audio output from last release.

Apr 18
Version 2.8-0-g1c0ff0c

Allow user to enter their own google maps and here sdk api keys in navigation settings screen
Prevent rotating to landscape mode
Android minimum version again reduced to 23

Apr 18
Version 2.7-0-g344967e

Placepicker replaced with open source copy, PingPlacePicker; modified to support selecting POI's on map
Improved search intent support from @WadeTech06
Underlying libraries updated to latest and greatest, migrate to new AndroidX, butterknife & dagger systems to support easier upgrades in future.
New api key management system

Feb 06
Version 2.6-0-g1314fee

Updated google api keys

Jan 27
Version 2.5-0-g1d120d6

Switch to Android FusedLocationManager.
This gives more faster and accurate locations generated from multiple sources, resulting in faster lock at startup.

Dec 12
Version 2.4-0-gb005ae4

Add google placepicker as new icon on search screen
Initial integration of google Places SDK for text search autocompletion
Handle memory error in GlancesAppAdapter
Fixed default settings

Dec 06
Version 2.3-0-g2cd8afd

Fix Voice "Navdy Place Search" from hud
Fix an issue with mock locations handling
Update google libraries and fix sdk to 26, should resolve an Android 8 issue
Update check/workaround for google music playlist tracking issue.

Dec 02
Version 2.2-0-g44e62a3

Fixed Music controls from Hud and similar control events
Resolved some other null pointer issues in code
Black startup splash screen

Nov 29
Version 2.1-0-gc0d3393

* Layout fixes, now looks closer to original app
* Multiple crash causes fixed
* Fixed bugs in searching for locations
* Fixed original app bug for searching for particular types of destinations
* Resolved google maps key issue

Nov 24
Version 2.0-0-g6fd1b75

First release of ported navdy client app.

Update major libraries: Google maps/play, HERE sdk 3.9.0_99, Fabric
Audio Settings: Sort the list of languages available displayed to user
Remove all usage of Localytics.

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