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The message of the Rosary is still relevant for the present and the future generations. The call for spreading the gospel to the ends of earth is still valid and includes the depths of the electronic world – where lives are lived. This is a modest attempt to do just that. To do so in the Igbo language is special.

It is for the young family say who want to pass on the tradition of praying the Rosary to their kids, or the young professional whose travel to work is an opportunity to sustain their spiritual well-being, or the student on a ride to school or the business person, or a person rediscovering their faith…all with little modern aids to meditate in the prayer of the Rosary in the language: Igbo. This app also provides those interested in the Igbo language a means to share in its rich heritage digitally.

Rosary n’Igbo is the first of its kind to use modern technology format (apps) in a way that enables the transfer of enriching ‘traditions’ like the praying of the Rosary in the Igbo Language, from one generation to the next under an initiative: Aha-m-efula™.
- Select the day of the week, titled in English and tagged with the Mystery name for that day in Igbo.
- Press the Play button to begin 5 decades of the Rosary including the Litany and Memorare.
- Image changes to aid your meditation, visually, from one Mystery to the other.
- Meditate without distractions
…enriching your spirituality and doing so in a language we hope to pass on from one generation to another: Igbo!

Rosary n’Igbo is one solution among others the team at Aha-m-efula™ aims to evolve into a timeless legacy for Ndi Igbo. Provide us feedback and let us know how we can make it ever more useful for you!

Email: rosarynigbo@ahamefula.com

Start Image: Let-God-be-True
Images: Catholic Tradition

Thank you for your patronage,

The Team @Aha-m-efula™

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Version History

Launched Dec 27, 2017 (over 1 year ago).
Dec 27
Version 1.0

Rosary n'Igbo v1.0 provides as a minimum a complete prayer of the Rosary in Igbo, in a dialect of Igbo.