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IM Home and a Smart Thermostat Can Save you $150 a Year

Heating and cooling your home is more than 50% of your energy bill! This makes it the largest energy expense in most homes. IM Home and a smart thermostat can reduce your energy bills about $150 annually. 

IM Home saves energy by working with a Wi-Fi smart thermostat to understand how your home uses energy, your local weather and your comfort levels. IM Home continually checks for ways to reduce your energy use.

When it finds the best time to save energy, IM Home will automatically adjust the temperature while still keeping you comfortable. But you always have control and can adjust the temperature in your home at any time.

IM Home makes a smart thermostat smarter. You can save about 10% on your energy bill, get $330 in rebates and bill credits, plus reduce your carbon footprint. To register for IM home go to ElectricIdeas.com/IMHome or call 855-607-3788.

How IM Home Saves Energy
* IM Home connects to your Wi-Fi smart thermostat to learn what temperatures keep you comfortable. It works in the background to understand how your home uses energy based on your local weather, how long your air conditioner usually runs and how quickly or slowly the temperature changes in your home.
* IM Home checks for ways to save energy every day. When it sees a way to save more, it tweaks your regular schedule by a few degrees. You probably won’t even notice.
* If the forecast for the next day calls for a hot and/or humid day, IM Home notifies you an “event” will happen the next day.
* The morning of the event, IM Home “pre-cools” your home by a few degrees and monitors temperature of your home during the event. If the temperature in your home goes up too much, your air conditioner will run.

For example, your temperature is normally set at 74°. Your home is pre-cooled in the morning by a few degrees. During the event the temperature of your home rises to above    your set comfort zone – your air conditioner runs. If you home’s temperature doesn’t go above your set comfort zone, the air conditioner stays off and you save even more.
* You can opt out of the event by setting your thermostat to the desired temperature. However, you will not get the bill credit or energy savings.
* An event will not last longer than 6 hours and will only occur Monday – Friday. There are a maximum of 15 events between May and September.
* Each time you participate in a peak reduction event, you get a $1.95 bill credit, up to $29.25 per year.

Ecobee or Honeywell Thermostat Owners
If you already own an Ecobee or Honeywell TCC smart thermostat you can get a $25 rebate plus year-round energy savings. Simply download IM Home and register for IM Home

To be eligible for IM Home rebates, you must meet the following criteria.
1. Be an I&M residential customer.
2. Enrolled in IM Home for at least one year.
3. Have Wi-Fi which works at least 90% of time.
4. Have an Apple or Android smart phone.
5. Have the required HVAC equipment.
Single family: Single stage air conditioner or heat pump
Multi-family: Single stage air conditioner or heat pump dedicated to the unit
6. Have an Ecobee thermostat account created at ecobee.com or a Honeywell thermostat account at MyTotalConnectComfort.com.
7. Have the IM Home app. Download from the App Store or GooglePlay.
8. Provide proof of purchase (receipt).

 Free in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Mar 24, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 05
Version 1.20.6

- Fixed a bug in the login process
- Updated customer support information

Feb 12
Version 1.19.1

- IM Home is now available to all I&M customers!
- IM Home now supports Honeywell TCC thermostats. If you have a Honeywell thermostat, download and login to start saving.

Sep 27
Version 1.17.0

IM Home 1.17 includes multiple-choice survey questions. Check your newsfeed - we want to hear from you!

May 29
Version 1.13.0

MyHome 1.13 contains the first release of the updated Orchestrated Energy dashboard.
New Features
• Orchestrated Energy Dashboard – “Today” View

May 17
Version 1.12.2

New Features
- Added thermostat connection status to the More Menu
Bug Fixes
- On ecobee authorization step, app name is now "IM Home"
- Fix for logout issues

Mar 24
Version 1.11.0

New Features
- Added thermostat connection status to the More Menu
Bug Fixes
- On ecobee authorization step, app name is now "IM Home"
- Fix for logout issues

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