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Dabbl helps you turn your downtime into gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and more. While sitting at home watching TV, waiting in car line, or on a break from work/school…any spare moment in the day can now have value with Dabbl!

Earning is easy (and fun)! Answer trivia questions, watch quick videos, take short surveys and more...whenever and wherever YOU choose.

No coupons to clip. No receipts to upload. No cards to sync. Simple.

Why does Dabbl exist? Dabbl is out to change digital advertising by including YOU, the consumer in the process. Brands highly value your time and attention, yet you are constantly interrupted and annoyed by ads on a daily basis.

How does it work? To put it simply, when brands pay to advertise on Dabbl, we share it with you. Time is your most valuable asset…and time spent on Dabbl is #TimeWellSpent.

Join Dabbl today (all you need is a US-based mobile #) and start getting something back for giving brands your valuable time and attention.

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Version History

Launched Nov 15, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Aug 21
Version 1.18

This release is all about GIFT CARDS!
+ Look for Carter's and BuybuyBaby as available cash-out options on Dabbl!
+ Available GIFT CARD denominations are now shown under each option, from $5 to $20. Select the card & amount you want, or wait until you have more points accumulated to get the larger amount cards!
+ Other bug fixes to make your time with Dabbl #Timewellspent

Aug 08
Version 1.17

Added animation for earnings when you earn points
Added rating bar to profile section, so you can rate our app :)
Added auxiliary number for some gift cards

Jul 24
Version 1.16

More Surveys! (More ways to earn points on Dabbl!)
+ With this update, we've added a new survey partner, Theorem Reach, offering new options for spending time with Dabbl.
+ Pollfish, an existing partner, has been upgraded to be a survey 'wall', which will display multiple survey options to you so you can pick those you wish to interact with.
+ Other features and bug fixes to make your time with Dabbl #Timewellspent

Jul 10
Version 1.15

We've beefed up the Dabbl Referral Program - earn 1,000 points for each friend (up to 20) that signs up and earns points with Dabbl! Share the love with friends and family by giving out your personal referral link from your Dabbl profile!

Jun 27
Version 1.14

Jun 12
Version 1.13

- Added clarity into points earned from interacting with Tap Research surveys. Now, upon exiting the Tap Research screens and returning back to the Dabbl app, we'll tell you the total points you've earned in that immediate session with Tap Research, and show you that we've added them to your Dabbl balance.
- Other bugs to ensure your time with Dabbl is #Timewellspent

May 30
Version 1.12

May 01
Version 1.11

Apr 17
Version 1.10

Apr 07
Version 1.9

Mar 27
Version 1.0.28

You may now choose gift cards at $5 or $10 earned!

Mar 17
Version 0.0.101

Bug fixes.

Jan 31
Version 0.0.95

Bug fixes.

Jan 10
Version 0.0.81

Bug fixes.

Nov 16
Version 0.0.55

Updated gift card list

Nov 15
Version 0.0.54

Dabbl app launch!

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