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ActiveMapper™ is software designed for searching, tracking and locating all things outdoors. It is the first of its kind to utilize tracking software and navigation tools in one user-friendly app.

ActiveMapper™ is designed to download to most iOS and Android mobile devices to assist Search and Rescue teams, First Responders, Law Enforcement, as well as, Sportsmen and Recreationalists in the field.

ActiveMapper™ was designed with first responder best practices in mind. It has multiple applications and features such as aerial mapping, GPS tracking and navigation tools, data collection, data sharing, and the ability to store and add attribute data to each location point.

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Version History

Launched Jul 14, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 19 days, on average.

Sep 04
Version 2.1.7

- User Point Group Sharing Bugfix

- Logout/Login Issue Fix

Aug 20
Version 2.1.6

Settings restore bugfixes

Aug 05
Version 2.1.5

Jul 19
Version 2.1.4

Added Tickets Feature
Numerous optimizations & bug fixes.

Apr 02
Version 2.1.3

- Various bug fixes
- Changed how chat window works

Mar 14
Version 2.1.1

- Reverted Cordova Android platform to v6.3.0 due to incompatibility with background geolocation plugin

Mar 13
Version 2.1.0

- Various bug fixes
- Changed how chat window works

Jan 26
Version 2.0.6

- Resolved issues with Groups not displaying correctly
- Resolved issues with Group Messages not displaying correctly
- Misc. bug fixes

Jan 17
Version 2.0.5

- Database updates
- Improvement to speed of app
- Misc. bug fixes

Nov 05
Version 2.0.3

- Change to a monthly subscription-based model instead of a flat price
- Various bug fixes

Sep 15
Version 1.1.0

- Added ability for Group administrators to manage Users within the Group

Sep 08
Version 1.0.6

- Updates to "Search" screen
- Searching by Address is now allowed

Aug 18
Version 1.0.5

- Changed UX flow for "Groups" on Main Menu. It now leads to the "Manage Groups" page, w/ option to Create/Join groups
- Fixed bug where "Join Existing Group" was not working
- Updated UI so clicking a Point Photo (or placeholder) brings up a menu that relates to Photos/Camera features
- Changed how logging out of Groups works
- Updates to call database less frequently when redrawing users
- Refactored code to use more default constants

Aug 13
Version 1.0.4

- Update to v1.0.4
- includes various bug fixes that were included in v1.03 (version skipped for Android)
- Updated User Interface to produce a more consitent user experience
- Updating a Point's Photo now results in the deletion from disk of the previous photo for that Point (if any)
- Fixed "Manage Groups" recursion bug in v1.0.3
- Fixed bug where in v1.03 user is unable to start new Path

Aug 07
Version 1.0.2

- Updated error handling to display message(s) to the user when an error has occurred and if the app should be restarted
- Fixed bug that would occasionally occur when closing a Point Modal window
- Fixed bug when taking pictures on Android version
- Fixed bug causing crash when closing certain windows

Jul 31
Version 1.0.1

- Updated to v1.0.1
- Removed references to Ionic Native FileTransfer, File, and Screenshot plugins (currently not in use)

Jul 28
Version 1.0.0

- Added Cordova plugins for screenshots and file transfers
- Added several references to package.json
- Created "Point Display" page (photo & all info about any given Point (can take screenshot)
- Re-added DeviceOrientation Cordova plugin
- Changed goog-services.json file to reflect Active Mapper, LLC accounts
- Changed Google Maps JS API key to use Active Mapper, LLC key
- Upgraded Ionic to v3.5

Jul 23
Version 0.5.2

- Patched bug that was causing Reservation date pickers to only show the current day

Jul 20
Version 0.5.1

- Added ability to set Trail visibility and manage trails based on if they are owned by the user or visible to a group the user belongs to
- Updated "Manage Reservations" page
- Bug fixes

Jul 19
Version 0.5.0

- Added "Manage Reservations" page
- Added the ability for users to delete their own Reservations

Jul 18
Version 0.4.4

- Fixed bug causing Google Maps to not display correctly

Jul 16
Version 0.4.0

- Updated to v0.4.0
- Added "Reserve Point" feature
- Added Sentry error logging to better help track down bugs

Jul 14
Version 0.3.2

- Added Group Messaging to "Manage My Groups" page
- Updated some stylization options, most notably "Active Mapper" to "ActiveMapper"
- Minor bug fixes

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