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Interactive app developed for Board members and homeowners of AAM managed communities. AAM All Access allows homeowners and Boards to stay connected, pay their dues and access relevant community resources.

Homeowner Access Includes:
• Community Information, CC&Rs, Rules & Guidelines, Approved paint codes
• Colored indicator next to recently-updated documents
• Assessment balance & Pay online
• CC&R compliance reporting, history and status
• Architectural requests, history and status
• Submitting Common Area maintenance requests with photos
• Change of address
• Useful community links
• Pop-up notifications and alerts
• Sign up for electronic statements (phased roll-out through early 2019)
• Association Resident Directory (phased roll-out through early 2019)
• Frequently Asked Questions (phased roll-out through early 2019)
• Digital copies of communication sent to you including statements, compliance letters, etc. (phased roll-out through early 2019)

Board Member Access to:
• Community financials
• Community document archive
• Community activities and tasks
• Financial dashboard
• Document sharing

One more way AAM is Dedicated to Delivering Peace of Mind to the communities we serve.

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Version History

Launched Sep 26, 2018 (8 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 14 days, on average.

May 07
Version 5.5

Improved guest pass interface

May 02
Version 5.01

Fixed Google, Facebook, LinkedIn sign in issues

Apr 24
Version 5.0

Guest Pass feature for communities utilizing our gate solution
Fixed task sorting (Boards Only)
Corrected customer service numbers for on-site communities
General performance improvements

Apr 07
Version 4.1

New password visibility toggle. Password are still encrypted in submission, but this helps eliminate mistyping.
Fixed board task filtering and sorting (boards only).
Optimized the look of pop-ups.
Standardized button sizes and look across devices.
Optimized home screen functions.
Optimized mail archive retrieval.
Caching of community information for faster performance.
App version surfaced for better troubleshooting.

Mar 20
Version 4.01

eStatement performance improvements

Feb 27
Version 4.0

-New Room Schedules (for communities with our lifestyle solution) - see room schedules for today or any other day.
-New Membership Card (for communities with our lifestyle solution) - have a copy of your ID in the app, so you can now check into the fitness centers, etc. by scanning your phone instead of having to carry your physical card.
-Added confirmation emails for all form submissions, so you get a copy of submissions to reference.
-Improved brightness of background for better navigation.

Jan 28
Version 3.2

Nickname field added to communities with resident directory - add in my profile
Search by nickname
Fixed page number hiding on smaller screens for directory
Added email confirmations for all form submissions and eStatement signup
Max file size of attachments changed to 8MB
Contacts and links - more concise layout
Fixed button layout on a few form
Performance improvements

Jan 16
Version 3.1

-Map Directions for communities with a resident directory
-Can now clear out phone numbers in resident directory and save
-Added clearer pagination display on directory search results
-Fixed fonts to be consistent on all forms
-Fixed bug with Resident Directory not hiding when collapsing Association group
-Residents with multiple properties now appear correctly in directory for each property
-If Internet is lost during navigation, app will alert and pause until service restored

Jan 07
Version 3.01

Simplified registration process

Dec 26
Version 3.0

eStatements - Sign up for electronic statements instead of paper. (Available to most of our communities using statements now, rolling out to all in early 2019.)

Mail Archive - See digital copies of letters sent to you starting in 2019. (Rolling out through early 2019.)

Resident Directory - Create and update your contact profile and search for residents who have chosen to make their profile public. (Rolling out through early 2019)

Pop-ups and prompts - prettier pop-ups.

Dec 04
Version 2.01

Fixed customer service number.

Nov 29
Version 2.0

Registration/ Sign In - page colors redesigned.

Property Documents - the app will now alert you if any of the association's documents updated.

FAQ - now have answers to your community's frequently asked questions.

Statements - see the actual statements we send to your house.

Record Archive - navigation, search, pagination fixes

Compliance/architecturals - fixed formatting when selecting status

Landing page shortcut - tap the AAM logo to return to home.

Performance improvements.

Oct 22
Version 1.3

Tapping any part of manager name now opens up communication form.
Record archive now shows total number of documents (boards only).
Record archive search and filter interface improvements (boards only).
Other minor bug and performance improvements.

Oct 11
Version 1.2

Improvements to registration.
Record archive now displays total number of files and page number moved to left for usability (for board members only). Minor performance improvements.

Oct 04
Version 1.0.2

Minor fixes

Oct 01
Version 1.0.1

Sep 26
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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