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Drive army truck simulator as truck driver and missile launcher for enemy attack in war truck driver army games & shooting games. Drive US army missile truck and attack enemy with missile in US army truck games. Take timely decision and immediate penetrate in enemy camps and compete with every single soldier of your enemy before they play war game. Aim the target with army truck driving simulator games. Win the army war missile truck and save country from enemy missile attack in truck driving games.

The ultimate war started, so be a brave soldier and take part in Indian army mission with truck simulator in Indian army missile games. You are a brave soldier missile truck driver of Indian Army game. Defend your country in the war, use army weapons, army truck, and missiles and shooting guns in truck driving games & Indian army games. As a best Indian army commando you are given tasks for the war. Defeat enemy, fire at their base camp with all military troops, use rifles, and launch missiles in Indian Army Missile Truck games. This is the ultimate missile war & military combat, drive the Indian army truck with expert driving skills and launch army game missiles to eliminate enemy base camp in army games. This is not only a sniper shooting game but a complete series of commando mission game. Experience the realistic army truck driving as an army driver to accomplish military combat mission in Indian army missile truck games.

Cargo truck driving is not easy to handle in field of ultimate war missile attack. Use your ammunition wisely. Don’t waste bullets. Use your sniper shooting and target shooting skills during Indian military games. Become the brave soldier, prove your heavy duty driving skills in the war missile launcher field in Indian Army Missile Truck Games. . Keep yourself secure during war & never lose your courage. Prove your skills as an Indian army soldier. Army missile transporter truck simulator driving games are available for loading vehicles in driving missile games. Prove your driving skills as brave Indian army soldier to win.

Indian Army Missile Truck Features:
Real Indian military base camp surroundings.
Truck driving through uphill and off-roads.
Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, & missiles
Unique indian army shooting game.

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Version History

Launched May 31, 2017 (over 3 years ago).
Jul 19
Version 1.3

Minor Bug Fixes

May 31
Version 1.2

Improved Gameplay

Jun 14
Version 1.0