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Protect your dragon eggs! You are a mama dragon with a whole nest full of eggs waiting to hatch. Unfortunately for you, sharks LOVE the taste of dragon eggs! Protect your eggs by shooting the sharks with timed firebombs. Be careful: the longer the sharks go without getting to eat, the hungrier they get! As you move up in levels, both the speed and number of sharks will increase.

Move the dragon back and forth by tilting your device. The distance your dragon firebombs travel before exploding is determined by how high up your power meter is set when you take your finger off the screen. To raise the dragon power meter touch and hold the screen. When you have the setting you want, release it. The firebomb will shoot and then explode based on how long you’ve held the screen. The explosion must hit the shark in order for the shark to be eliminated. You need to shoot and hit ten sharks in order to complete the level. Your game is over when a shark gets to one of your dragon eggs.

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Launched Jun 12, 2014 (over 6 years ago).
Aug 24
Version 7.0

Added in-game tutorial