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Perfect for the Fire Department Company Officer to document fire scenes. National Fire Incident Reporting 5.0 modules, and multiple camera images. Then export as PDF report to your SD card or as email.

NFIRS 5 Modules Included:
1 Basic
2 Fire
3 Structure Fire
4 Civilian Casualty
5 Fire Service Casualty
Soon to include all modules

Archive reports.
Export as PDF to device or as email.

Email me jasonricemedia - AT - gmail.com for requests or problems. I try to reply quickly.

follow @emsops for updates

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Version History

Launched Oct 19, 2013 (over 6 years ago).
Oct 19
Version 2.2.5

2.2.5 fixed problem with font display
2.2.4 fixed problem with pdf layout
2.2.3 adjustment to permissions to allow more devices
2.2.2 email problem fixed
2.2.1 Fixed problem with some states not listed. Other bugs fixed.