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What is Tibot?
• Tibot is Dermatology AI Bot which will instantly analyze skin problems.
• Skin problems can be easily neglected because it is not urgent
• Avoid unnecessary visits to GP for referral to a Dermatologist
• Determine is a condition is something to be worried about to see a doctor.
• Track from 12 common high-level skin conditions and around 90 low-level conditions.
• Will let you decide how urgent it is to see a doctor based on proprietary TUI.

How do I use it?
Upload an image of the skin problem, answer a few questions regarding the symptoms you have, you will get an instant analysis of the top probable conditions which you might have. Tibot will let you know for each condition whether you should see a doctor and how urgent it is.

How does it work?
Tibot's powerful AI engine provides results using following technologies
• It uses latest deep-learning neural networks to analyze and detect skin condition from images.
• Tibot leverages the medical knowledge it has been trained on by comparing the symptoms with the skin problems.
• Tibot learns everyday as it sees more cases and becomes smarter to predict the condition.

Why use Tibot?
Tibot app helps you to find out the seriousness of your skin condition by the earlier symptoms long before something harmful has occurred. With its help, you can prevent some serious damages to your skin those are about to happen.

The medical world has taken countless steps with the latest technologies to treat many diseases earlier but often the steps fall back due to the lack of preventive measures. Tibot is a newly found idea, a medium with the availability to reach everyone with the advantages of providing required knowledge about one very important medical field that is dermatology.

What skin conditions are diagnosed by Tibot?
Tibot tracks 12 high-level common skin conditions and 90 low-level conditions which comprise a large majority of skin problems. The high level conditions tracked by Tibot are:
• Acne & Rosacea
• Alopecia
• Bacterial Skin Infections
• Benign Tumors
• Eczema
• Fungal Infections
• Immunological Skin Disorders
• Malignant Tumors
• Psoriasis
• Skin Infestations
• Viral Infections
• Pigmentation Disorders

Skin Treatment
Tibot will analyze your skin and provide you the best option for treatment based on the diagnosis. It will use its algorithm to match the best provider which will be able to provide treatment.

Tibot's Wiki Resource
Tibot has a comprehensive topic on dermatology conditions and skin treatments. The Wiki is structured to provide the following information
- Description of skin disorders
- A guide for skin care
- Managing various chronic and recurrent skin problems
- Common treatment for skin diseases and medicines
- Self care for skin diseases
- Common symptoms and diagnosis
- Common causes of skin problems

What are the Level 2 conditions tracked by Tibot
Some of the common lower level diagnosis which Tibot does are:
- Acne Vulgaris
- Rosacea
- Androgenetic Alopecia (Pattern Baldness)
- Folliculitis
- Impetigo
- Carbuncle (Furunculosis)
- Cellulitis
- Various STDs (Syphilis, Chalmydia, Gonorrhea)
- Seborrhoeic warts
- Moles
- Vascular Malformations
- Cysts
- Keloid
- Skin Tags (Acrochordon)
- Atopic Dermatitis
- Contact Dermatitis
- Tinea (Ringworm)
- Candidiasis
- Onychomycosis
- Urticaria (Hives)
- Drug Eruptions
- Lichen Planus
- Malanoma
- Squamous Cell Carcinoma
- Vitiligo
- Melasma
- Acanthosis Nigricans
- Plague Psoriasis
- Guttate Psoriasis
- Scabies
- Pediculosis
- Insect Bites
- Viral Exanthem
- Herpes Zoster [Shingles]
- Herpes Simplex
- Warts

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Version History

Launched Jun 11, 2018 (7 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 17 days, on average.

Dec 12
Version 1.17

Fixed the issue with image size being small for some devices.

Nov 26
Version 1.16

Improvements to Image capture by using the camera

Nov 19
Version 1.15

Added feature for Users to see the past cases which they have uploaded using the symptom checker.
User can now Delete their past cases.
Added the option for users to reset their password in case they forgot their password. This is for users who have created an account with Tibot and not signed up with their Facebook or Google login

Oct 29
Version 1.12

Fully revamped the final predictions page to show prediction confidence of the top 3 predictions
Option to Get Treatment for skin problems using Tele-health or Local doctors.
View over-the-counter medicines available in your locality for the various skin diseases

Oct 10
Version 1.11

Added the feature of zooming the image to the area of concern before uploading picture
Improved the auto-focus feature.
Improved results screen for showing the URL of Doctor's website.

Sep 25
Version 1.10

Adding functionality of zoom when taking picture from camera
Fixed issue with timeout for users

Sep 18
Version 1.9

Added feature to get treatment options for the diagnosed case.
Doctors can be sorted by Distance and Rating.

Sep 01
Version 1.8

Version 1.8
Enhancements to image capture using the App

Aug 10
Version 1.7

Added functionality to signup and login using Tibot account
using Google
using Facebook
Bug Fixes

Jun 26
Version 1.6

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Jun 19
Version 1.5

Bug Fixes and optimization

Jun 11
Version 1.4

Tibot's Production Release.
- Login as Guest
- Evaluating a Skin condition using Chatbot
- Reviewing results and more information in Wiki
- Gives top 3 results with prediction confidence
- Evaluates from 12 high-level and 90 second-level condition.

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