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The most powerful competitive intelligence tool in the market today. Breakdown and analyze your key competitors by every core performance metric we currently provide data on.

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Quickly spot trends in key metrics

Our Compare Apps Tool allows you to easily analyze downloads, revenue, usage, and retention data over time for your key competitors. Comparing these key metrics side by side will allow you to spot market leaders, identify trends, and dive deeper into opportunities your competitors might have already uncovered.
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Identify benchmarks for crucial engagement metrics

It's essential to understand all layers of user engagement. Downloads and monthly active users are great, but it's all about understanding how much time users spend in app and how large your monetizable user base is. Compare Apps allows you to quickly size up your competitors key user engagement and make sure you are stacking up.
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Improve your ROI through international growth opportunities

Our Compare Apps Tool allows you to dive as deep as you want into the data. For each data point we give you a detailed table which breaks down each of your competitors at a county by country level. This is crucial as it helps you quickly identify regions where competitors are having success that you are not. This is especially powerful for discovering opportunities in tier 2 and tier 3 countries.
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