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SimilarWeb is a company built to provide advanced web intelligence, and has only recently begun to offer basic mobile insights. Apptopia has spent the last 6 years focusing on nothing but the mobile app economy and provides the most comprehensive app intelligence product in the market.

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Data source (# connected apps)225,000+
Performance Data
Unified Publishers
In-app purchases
Paid downloads
Usage rank
Engagement index
Retention metric
Session dataComing in 2017
Audience analysis
Competitor discoveryComing in 2017
User overlapComing in 2017
User graphComing in 2017
Publisher portfolio data
Advertising intelligence
Capture ad creativeComing in 2017
Network spend breakdownComing in 2017
Mobile placements and analysisComing in 2017
Connected Accounts
Account Dashboard
App SDK recognition
SDK total reach
Usage analysis
Analysis, Tools and Reports
Top Charts
Top New Apps
Breakout Predictor
Biggest Movers Report
Custom reporting
Category analysis
App store optimization
App analytics
Download and revenue data
Usage data
Ad network analysis
Competitor comparison
Data Accessibility
Real-time alerts
CSV or Excel export
Customer success representative

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We’re all about mobile. Just look at the data.

With download, revenue, usage, and SDK data for every ranked app and publisher in the world, Apptopia offers the industry’s most granular insights. Apptopia has been in the mobile industry for 6 years, modeling reliable performance estimates using more than 220,000 connected apps. SimilarWeb generates lackluster estimates using panel data alone.

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We’ll help you discover trends and opportunities first

Turnkey, customizable market reports unlock valuable insights into consumer interests and emerging trends. Built to help discover emerging trends, the Breakout Predictor, Biggest Movers Report, and Top New Apps Report include all apps, download and revenue data, and geographies in report results.

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Inform your monetization strategy with granular revenue data

Apptopia is unique in its ability to offer revenue breakdowns for IAP vs paid purchases vs ads for all categories and countries. Combined with country-level ARPU data, mobile marketers and advertisers can learn from others’ mistakes and hone in on the most promising opportunities for international expansions or advertising.

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Get more app data for less

To deliver transparency to the market, Apptopia believes data must be affordable and actionable for publishers and developers of all sizes. Even Apptopia’s most basic plans include access to granular app performance data and industry reports. For those who need it, Enterprise plans can be scaled and customized to meet the most rigorous data and API integration requirements.

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"We have evaluated all the companies who offer this service and we confidently decided to use Apptopia."

Dave Yonamine, CEO

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When should I use SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a useful tool for researching websites, industries, and Android apps to inform an overarching digital strategy. While it includes detailed app rank history and keyword tools, SimilarWeb doesn’t offer the granular app data and market insights necessary for teams developing, publishing, and monetizing apps.

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When should I use Apptopia?

Apptopia is the solution for businesses serious about mobile. Get granular download, revenue, and usage estimates in a customizable tool to track competitors and trends and inform strategies. In addition, turnkey reports keep a pulse on the evolving marketplace to help spot opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

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