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Mobile Action uses public data sources to create basic performance estimates and fails to deliver the breadth of accurate data needed to be successful. Apptopia offers a comprehensive and reliable tool for granular performance data, SDK insights, and custom analysis.

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Data source (# connected apps)None
International coverage
Performance Data
In-App purchases
Paid downloads
Engagement index
Retention dataComing March 2017
Session dataComing April 2017
Advertising intelligenceComing 2017
Audience analysis
Coming 2017
Coming April 2017
App graphComing April 2017
DemographicsComing March 2017
Publisher portfolio data
Count of ratings
SDK recognition
SDK total reach
Usage analysis
Analysis, Tools and Intelligence
Top Charts
Top New
Breakout Predictor
Biggest Movers
Custom reporting
Category analysis
App Store Optimization
App analytics
Ratings and reviews
DemographicsComing March 2017
Performance forecast
Download and revenue data
Usage data
Competitor comparison
Connected network analysis
Data Accessibility
Custom alerts
CSV export and API integration
Dedicated customer success

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Why choose
Apptopia vs Mobile Action?

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Data you can trust that scales with your business

Apptopia collects real data from more than 220k apps to build machine-learning models that estimate downloads, revenue, and usage for every ranked app and publisher in the world. Granular revenue breakdowns, SDK recognition, and sophisticated reporting set Apptopia apart from the competition. Mobile Action uses public data sources, which simplifies the app ecosystem and leaves important gaps in accuracy and reliability.

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Granular revenue analysis to optimize ROI

Having a breakdown of revenue types (paid, IAP, ads) and country performance is critical for any mobile marketer. Combined with country-level ARPU estimates, Apptopia customers are able to discover opportunities to improve ROI and inform monetization, user acquisition, and global launch strategies.

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Turnkey discovery tools to stay ahead of the competition

Data-driven market reports unlock valuable insights into consumer interests and emerging trends. Built to help discover opportunities, the Breakout Predictor, Biggest Movers Report, and Top New Apps Report include all apps, download and revenue data, and geographies in report results. For a deeper dive, the custom report builder queries the entire app store in seconds.

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Clear pricing plans to get what you need

It’s easy to understand Apptopia’s plans and find value at any level. Mobile Action requires you to pick and choose the type of data you need with fees for every app, which becomes confusing and costly. Get what you need the first time. All Apptopia plans are built to offer significant value for teams who need to make data-driven, strategic decisions.

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"Frankly, this should be an everyday tool for anyone trying to be successful in mobile."

Mark Cuban, Tech Investor

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When should I use Mobile Action?

Mobile Action is a useful tool for monitoring app performance and improving ASO, and could make sense for an entry level developer looking to optimize store presence. However, the plan structure charges separately for important data and insights, plus fees per app monitored, quickly becoming convoluted and expensive as needs for competitive and market intelligence grow.

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When should I use Apptopia?

Apptopia is a robust, reliable solution for publishers and developers of any size to conduct market research, identify and monitor competitors, and discover new opportunities. The tool’s purpose is to bring transparency to the app marketplace so teams can make strategic product and marketing decisions using accurate, affordable data and market intelligence.

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