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MixRank offers SDK recognition but fails to deliver the app performance data you need to be successful. In addition to SDK data, Apptopia offers downloads, revenue and usage data alongside custom reporting, and discovery tools not available anywhere else.

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SDKs tracked7k10k
SDK Analytics
Install and uninstall dates
App Store and Google Play coverage
Chinese App Stores
Global SDK recognition
SDK usage & API call analysis
Vendor Intelligence
Recent installs/uninstalls
Total installs
Category penetration
App performance data
Lead Discovery & Qualification
Publisher contact details
Custom reports
Top Charts
Top New Apps
Breakout Predictor
Biggest Movers Report
App Data & Analysis
Unified Publishers
In-app purchases
Paid downloads
Engagement index
Retention data
Session dataComing in 2017
Publisher portfolio data
Audience analysis
Competitor discoveryComing in 2017
User overlapComing in 2017
User graphComing in 2017
Advertising intelligence
Capture ad creativeComing in 2017
Network spend breakdownComing in 2017
Mobile placements and analysisComing in 2017
Connected Accounts
Account Dashboard
Data Accessibility
Custom alerts
Exporting and API integration

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Why choose
Apptopia vs MixRank?

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App performance data is your competitive edge

Pairing SDK recognition with app download, revenue, and usage data helps sales and BD teams focus energy on qualified leads. Correlate SDK installs/uninstalls with spikes in performance to inform outreach strategies.

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Granular SDK usage data informs outreach

Gain granular insight into if and how specific SDK features are being used. Sales teams use this data to identify where apps may need additional resources, see which SDKs are dormant, and discover SDKs active via API only.

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Plug-and-play discovery reports fuel lead gen

Discover new leads first with Apptopia’s pre-built reports based on real-time performance data. Use them to identify the best new apps, apps surging in the ranks, or apps predicted to break into the top charts soon.

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Powerful custom reporting pinpoints new leads

Streamline lead gen efforts by querying the entire app store for apps that meet your sales criteria. Set alerts to know when a new app meets your download or revenue thresholds, or a SDK install status, like uninstalling a specific competitor.

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"Invaluable data to use as you optimize your sales and prospecting process."

Raj Aggarwal, CEO

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When should I use MixRank?

MixRank has a cross section of SDK and website technology recognition data that’s helpful for sales teams focused on both channels. Users gain high level SDK recognition data and can access good quality contact information. However, there’s no performance data to research or qualify the companies, and no data-driven discovery tools to help identify new leads, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

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When should I use Apptopia?

Apptopia is well-suited for sophisticated sales teams who want to streamline processes for identifying and targeting new, qualified leads in mobile. The combination of SDK recognition and usage data with app performance estimates offers a significant first-mover advantage for sharp teams. The custom report builder is the industry’s gold standard to efficiently hone in on sales-ready leads.

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