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MightySignal offers SDK recognition but fails to deliver the data to make it actionable. Apptopia provides publisher contact details, app performance estimates, and custom discovery tools to make sales and outreach strategies data-driven and efficient.

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SDK Analytics
Real-time install/uninstall data
SDK recognition for all appsPartial
App Store and Google Play coverage
Chinese App Stores
Global SDK recognition
SDK usage & API call analysis
Vendor Intelligence
Recent installs/uninstalls
Total installs
Category penetration
App performance data
Lead Discovery & Qualification
Publisher contact details
Custom reporting
Top Charts
Top New Apps
Breakout Predictor
Biggest Movers Report
App Data & Analysis
Unified Publishers
In-app purchases
Paid downloads
Engagement index
Retention data
Session dataComing in 2017
Publisher portfolio data
Audience analysis
Competitor discoveryComing in 2017
User overlapComing in 2017
User graphComing in 2017
Advertising intelligence
Capture ad creativeComing in 2017
Network spend breakdownComing in 2017
Mobile placements and analysisComing in 2017
Connected Accounts
Account Dashboard
Data Accessibility
App Watchlists
Exporting and API integration
Salesforce and Slack integration

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Why choose
Apptopia vs MightySignal?

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Gain a competitive edge with app performance data

Pairing SDK recognition with app download, revenue, and usage data helps sales and BD teams focus on qualified leads. Turnkey reports fuel the lead gen process by identifying the best new apps, apps surging in rank, or apps predicted to break into top charts soon.

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Get more for your dollar

MightySignal’s price point is lower, but so is the ROI potential when you spend valuable time searching for contact details and reaching out to unqualified leads. Apptopia’s comprehensive data suite pairs SDK recognition and usage with app performance data, turnkey market reports, and publisher contact details to help you start selling to qualified customers today.

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Real-time data. Automated. Efficient.

Apptopia recognizes changes to an app’s SDK makeup in real-time. Subscribe to apps, publishers, SDKs, and reports to automatically discover new leads first based on changes to the SDK or app performance. Over 10,000 SDKs monitored in every ranked app in iOS and Google Play means more leads and less manual effort.

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Powerful custom reporting pinpoints new leads

Streamline lead generation efforts by querying the entire app store for apps that meet your sales criteria. Set alerts to know when a new app meets your download or revenue thresholds, or if an app installs or uninstalls a specific SDK. Never waste time on unqualified leads or miss an opportunity again.

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"Apptopia is a powerful tool that helps Millennial Media uncover new client opportunities and discover the latest apps."

James Hughes, Director of Publisher Sales

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When should I use MightySignal?

MightySignal is a low cost option for teams with a curiosity about SDK data, but don’t require it as a core part of the sales process or business intelligence. With access to a subset of apps in iOS and Google Play, teams can gain a macro view of the U.S. app ecosystem.

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When should I use Apptopia?

Apptopia is a robust tool for sales and business development teams serious about taking on the competition and honing in on qualified leads with informed outreach. Global coverage and accurate performance estimates for every ranked app and publisher offers teams a one-stop solution for actionable insights.

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