Understand User Behavior & Engagement Trends

Knowing your competitors downloads & revenue data is important; but, understanding their usage data is crucial to your success. It is this activity that happens inside the app, the actions that users takes, that drives revenue. Without engaged users, and users who keep your app on their device, there is no revenue and no future. Our Usage Intelligence will help you understand not only how many new users your competition is getting but, which of those users are actually engaged and taking action.

  • Track Daily & Monthly Active Users every day, in every country.
  • Analyze engagement & understand how often users come back to and open the app.
  • Understand 30 Day Retention, see where in the life cycle users are dropping off, and what competitors are doing to keep them engaged.
  • Analyze DAU/MAU in each country and better understand where your competition is getting the highest ROI.

Available on Engage and Grow Plans, for as low as $899 / month.

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